Head over to G-map to find a neat tool.  The G-map tool will allow you to map your run or walk using Google maps (at street level) to figure out the exact distance you travel on your morning run/walk.  It even has a calories burned tool added on.  I found out that the morning walk I take, which I thought was 1 mile long, was actually 1.56 miles.  And here I was thinking I was running 20 minute miles.

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  2. Wow, this is indeed awesome! A little hard to figure out at first (if you’re a nitwit like me) but once I got going–what a cool tool. Thanks!

  3. isaacme says:

    That is so cool.

  4. isaacme says:

    Th other day I jogged for a half hour and about the time I turned around to head home it started raining so I got soked for a half hour on the way back. It was not fun. Moral of the story is alway check the weather forcast before jogging.

  5. Eric Biewener says:

    yes, this tool is great. if only it would cover Caracas…

  6. Wickedpinto says:

    I found out that the morning walk I take, which I thought was 1 mile long, was actually 1.56 miles.

    Backe when I was a runner, I was always surprised at how far or how short I ran, living in the desert when I would run solo or just with a couple friends we would run until the first of us started to complain, and then turn around.

    There was always one of us who had previous ran the approximate track and would say about ho far we ran. The long ones were always surprising cuz we all felt so good on the run and only turned around because of time not distance. One time we ran just short of 7 miles and all of us felt great, one time we didn’t even make it 2 and we were all bitching.

    Thats an advantage and detriment to not knowing where you are going or how far in advance.

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