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Well by now anyone who watches the news has seen the latest strange twist in the Chris Benoit murder-suicide saga. Fox reported in an “Exclusive Story” that someone had posted news of Nancy Benoit’s death to Benoit’s Wikipedia entry some 13 hours before the bodies of Chris, Nancy, and Daniel were found by local authorities. Crazy huh?


Here is a workout that is both fun and free.  It won’t cost you a penny and you will smile more than you ever have on a bow-flex, solo-flex, or weight bench.  What is it?

Well first a few clues.  Almost anywhere you go in this great nation you probably won’t have to go to far to find this free gym.  It is open all day and only closes when the sun goes down- but it opens again at sunrise.

Have you guessed yet?  Well if you haven’t here is the answer…