I just had my first bite of vanilla chocolate chip and blueberry ice cream made with sweet perfection sugar substitute. It was delicious. It tasted just like sugar ice creams. Here is what I dropped inside my ice cream maker tonight…

  1. Sweet Perfection Sugar Substitute
  2. 1% Milk
  3. Vanilla Extract
  4. Dark Chocolate Chips
  5. Blueberries
  6. A small amount of flour
  7. Eggs
  8. Whipping Cream (the one bad ingredient).

I learned after I started that I could replace the whipping cream with evaporated milk.  The ice cream wouldn’t be as creamy, but I will try it out next time.

But this batch of ice cream is delicious.  I can’t tell the difference between the sweet perfection and sugar- not even a bit of difference.  The big upside.  My bowl of ice cream tonight will have 6g of fiber in it- more than any one piece of fruit.

  1. Wow, thanks for telling us all about this.

    I’m way too lazy to make home made ice cream, but I can sure think of lots of other places a good tasting sugar substitute would come in handy. Cool!

  2. Debbie says:

    This sounds so good – you’re making me hungry.

  3. isaacme says:

    Wow that sounds good, but was the whip cream necessary? It sounded good even without that lol. Of course this comes from a guy who order whip cream with all his Starbucks orders.

  4. It wasn’t whip cream it was whipping cream. It is similar to heavy cream. Most ice cream recipes require heavy cream. However, heavy cream, can be replaced with evaporated milk. although that supposedly changes the texture.

  5. Lady Rose says:

    That is awesome — I can’t wait to get my bag! 🙂 Hope you saved me some I’m on my way over. Lady Rose

  6. Post here as soon as you get it in the mail and take your first taste. I have my fingers crossed you will like it.

  7. I’ll have to give this one a try some time. Thanks for the heads up about it!

  8. No real sugar?

    I’m a fruit fly. That sounds like torture.

  9. Nope, but it tastes just as good if not better. 🙂

  10. But how do you get a sugar rush???

  11. The 2 Witches says:

    It sounds totally delish … both the sweetener itself and your ice cream recipe

    i couldn’t help but notice that the blueberries and dark chocolate are a wonderful source of antioxidants

    Mama Kelly

  12. “i couldn’t help but notice that the blueberries and dark chocolate are a wonderful source of antioxidants”

    But of course.

  13. MM says:

    Ooh, I so must try this!

  14. jarvis says:

    What type of ice cream maker do you have?

    Blessings In Christ Bro

  15. The cheap kind you buy at target…lol. A bucket with a canister and a top that moves the canister.

    I should get one of those soccer ball kick around ones.

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