A Huge Coincidence Related to Chris Benoit’s Murder-Suicide…

Posted: June 27, 2007 in autism, autism cure, Benoit Murder, celebrities, Chris Benoit, Chris Benoit Murder Suicide, Chris Benoit Murders, Daniel Benoit, Fragile X, Vince McMahon, Wrestling, WWE

It has already been revealed that Chris Benoit’s son Daniel had a disorder known as “fragile X.”  That disorder is the leading cause of mental retardation (and “the most common genetic cause of autism” [See]).  That disability may have played a role in Benoit’s choice to kill his son.  If Benoit felt that his son, in his current state, couldn’t handle losing his father and mother, or that no one else could understand or take care of his son, it might have played a role in his decision to kill Daniel.

So here we are, several days later, and scientists have announced a major breakthrough:

US researchers have reversed the symptoms of mental retardation and autism in mice by inhibiting an enzyme that affects the connections between brain cells, researchers said Wednesday.

In a series of experiments on mice, the MIT investigators showed that they could undo the brain damage seen in a condition called Fragile X syndrome by inhibiting a key brain chemical called PAK. [1]

This would mean that a cure very likely was in the foreseeable future for Daniel.  A cure that might not only end his disorder but REVERSE the symptoms that made his life so hard.

Just another sad part of this tragic story.

  1. krislinatin says:

    so, you follow wrestling, i sent this article to my hubby. a common love of pro wrestling got us together. we have slowly dwindled our watching, i watch none and hubby not much. we can’t let our son watch it, its got way too much sex in it and the story lines are just way too far out there, as if they werent 10 years ago when we met…. 🙂
    Sin is at the heart that leads to this stuff, benoit must have been trying to get help with all the text messaging….and maybe his plans went awry, i kept thinking if he killed his wife, then a day later, killed his son, and if the son was aware, i shudder to think. Its so very sad 😦

  2. “we can’t let our son watch it, its got way too much sex in it and the story lines are just way too far out there, as if they werent 10 years ago when we met”

    I have got to the point where I don’t watch much anymore, and when I do I have to change the channel quite often.

    “Sin is at the heart that leads to this stuff, benoit must have been trying to get help with all the text messaging…”

    Actually, it appears all the messages were sent soon before he hung himself and only served the purpose of ensuring the bodies were discovered. He sent about 5 test messages but four said the same thing, “My physical address is…” and the other said something like, “Dog in patio, sliding door left open.”

    Creepy, isn’t it?

  3. krislinatin says:

    hey, read cavmans post, its good, also, the last sentence is the best.
    yeah, really creepy, did you ever hear how sensational sherry died?
    i used to love her…..
    and miss elizabeth, remember her, my hubby looked up her death yesterday, fould play….
    hows gramma?

  4. Angel says:

    jus checkin in …hope alls well with u and yours!:)

  5. No new news on my grandmother yet.

  6. why-why wicki says:

    Wrestling lost everything when Ted Turner folded WCW and TV refused
    to allow any other challengers to WWF/WWE.

    We never would have known about Sister Sherri had it not been for Benoit.

  7. “We never would have known about Sister Sherri had it not been for Benoit.”

    Well the wrestling sites carried the news of Sheri’s death (another strange death not totally explained), but yes, the general media wouldn’t have covered her death.

  8. krislinatin says:

    check this out, other dead wrestlers, the heart attack tops them all.

  9. krislinatin says:

    i totally loved rick rude!!!!

  10. Heart attacks most likely associated with size, obesity, or steroid use.

  11. heaintthroughwithmeyet says:

    Hello TT,
    sorry I havent been commenting and stuuf, but I am pretty busy, and if I am not busy I try to avoid my neighbors noise. LOL THey are incredible rude people when it comes to their grandkids and such

    Anyways, I am still around 🙂

    Love ANdrea

  12. mommyzabs says:

    I saw this on the news – the news of autism in rats being thwarted by new meds…
    pretty crazy if that truly is what he killed him for (which no matter what was pretty deranged) and a cure may be coming. The whole story is absolutely heartbreaking- i guess it really is hard to know what goes on behind closed doors.

  13. Wrestling used to be a lot of fun, but Vince McMahon has perverted it to the ultimate degree in order to make billions. The steroids and the non-stop sex story-lines all came with Vince McMahon. Does anyone remember when wrestlers were mostly flabby guys who wore funny costumes? It was a fun sport to watch, and they had feuds back in those days, but it was the kind of entertainment that kids could watch.

  14. Cherry says:

    I dont follow wrestling but Chris is famous here. I feel pity for the son and the wife and even more pity to Chris who commited such actions.

  15. why-why wicki says:

    Roly Poly is right; Vince is pure evil, has a lot of blood on his hands.

    And the WWE women are not even a turn on with those plastic
    or saltwater chests and zero personalities.

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  17. Feroz says:

    he did send a few text messages, most just said his address, and one of them said “dogs in enclosed pool area. side door is open” so people would find the dogs and they would find the bodies…
    and about the whole rat article, they’ve had many “possible cures” but by the time the medicine actually came out for everyone to take (after all the testing, etc…) Daniel would’ve been much older, i’m not sayin Chris was right in what he did, but if he was a deranged at the time, I can see how he was thinking! Such a sad sad story…

  18. Stiletto says:

    I still find it hard to believe he did it.

  19. I still haven’t wrapped my mind around it. I think it was all the concussions.

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