Archive for June 25, 2007

My wife has asked me to be her personal trainer.  This is going to be awesome.  She says I am in charge of when and what she eats, how often she works out, etc.  I will be doing a resistance training session with her tonight.

This could be really good or really bad.  I am hoping for the former.  I am so psyched, I have to go and get a workout ready for her.


Even as a boring researcher who spends days on end in dusty old archives, every now and again something shocks you. I came across this ad not long into my research regarding runaway slaves in Eastern North Carolina. [The full size image can be found below the page break].

Runaway Slave Ad

Why is an old advertisement so shocking and interesting? The above advertisement’s five simple (although surprisingly verbose) paragraphs are short hand for a much larger and even more interesting tale. Their story includes enslavement, betrayal, yearning for freedom, fatherhood, rebellion, courage, anger, and half a dozen other compelling emotional angles that should perk the ears and tug at the heart.

Beyond that, the characters are laid out in a detailed manner (considering the space allowed for an advertisement), but in such a way that you are left desiring to know more about them.