Except for pigging out on pig last night (not to mention hush puppies) I am right on track. My guilt about last night led me to deny myself the usual Sunday morning donuts and/or sweets available at church.

As for today’s activities. A 35 minute resistance training routine.  9 exercises, 7 of which are multi-joint exercises.   It will be a hard workout, but I have little doubt I will feel  all the better for it.

  1. Tammy says:

    Sounds like a solid plan! I had a big dough boy yesterday at the fair which is my first BIG infraction in a couple months but I don’t think I could handle the guilt of doing that to often. I always seem to feel much better after I have pushed myself at the gym which makes the nutrition goofs easier to take.

  2. Goofs are a blessing in disguise. They allow us to refocus and come back again energized and newly dedicated.

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