Will I meet my goal for this two week period of a waist that is one inch slimmer (34 1/2 inches to 33 1/2)?  Will I get below 165 lbs?  With workouts like the one I had last night, the answer is definitely.

Last night was an awesome combination of multi-joint superset and quadruple superset exercises that pushed my muscles and my cardiovascular abilities to the limits of physical exertion.  I worked out from head to toe- nothing left out- with nine simple exercises.  Best part is I feel excellent this morning.  I woke up ready to confront the world with all the energy of an eighteen year old.

I hope the temperature drops so I can go for a run later today.

  1. jarvis says:

    Having energy after great workouts is such a Blast…keep up the Enjoyment in Him.

    Blessings In Christ Bro

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