Well, it is a rewrite of a section of my thesis.  I tweaked it a bit (well a lot) to fit into a scholarly journal- I am thinking the North Carolina Historical Review (NCHR).  I will be posting a rough draft in the coming week or so.

So all of you who like that kind of stuff set aside some time in your schedule to give it a read.  🙂

  1. WhoreChurch says:

    Would you care if I distributed copies of your original thesis to members of my re-enacting club?

  2. Depends, what are you re-enacting? lol. I don’t want to be responsible if anyone gets hurt .

  3. WhoreChurch says:

    The War of Northern Agression of course.

  4. Oh that’s fine. The article is public now anyway. Hope they enjoy. Are you guy the blues or the grays?

  5. WhoreChurch says:

    Actually, we do what all re-enacters do, we get a group of monkeys, dress them up as Blue or Grey.

    Sorry, you took that one hook, line, sinker. The only thing I re-enact is the Song of Solomon.

  6. damewiggy says:

    It’s so cute to watch you two play.

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