Archive for June 12, 2007

Well, it is a rewrite of a section of my thesis.  I tweaked it a bit (well a lot) to fit into a scholarly journal- I am thinking the North Carolina Historical Review (NCHR).  I will be posting a rough draft in the coming week or so.

So all of you who like that kind of stuff set aside some time in your schedule to give it a read.  🙂

Well the Lord came through and the problem was resolved.

Despite being told by a Wells-Fargo employee that it wasn’t possible to resolve this issue it has been resolved in the clear and obvious way I expected, hoped for, and prayed for.  My lender merely converted my subsidized loan to an unsubsidized loan.  Solutions don’t get much simpler.  Now I simply have to pray that they get the information into the notoriously slow National Student Loan Database soon enough for UNC-G to get my loans moving.

I look forward to this being the last year I need to take out student loans.  And that is definitely something to praise God for!