Looking back to old challenges can be both inspirational and informative.  For example, right now I face the challenge of breaking the 170 lb barrier.  Where better to find inspiration then a month or so ago when I was trying to break the 180 lb barrier.

That post captured the joy I felt when I finally broke 180.  That joy provides me the inspiration and motivation I need to push past 170.  It also captured that wonderful moment of sweet release.  That moment when the weight of the world lifts from your shoulders as the monkey on your back packs his bags and heads off on a permanent vacation.  I can’t wait to get rid of the buddies he left behind (170lbs and 160lbs).

So for all those who feel that same despair look back over this blog, you will find plenty of it.  Yet, I worked through it and persevered.  Not of my own strength, but thanks to God.  Perhaps this scripture will provide you the same boost it gave me a few days ago when I needed it so much.

“You will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trusts in you.

Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal.”                

-Isaiah 26: 3-4. (NIV).

Written: 6/4/2007.

  1. satisfiedhousewife says:

    Woah, did you accidentally post this three times??

  2. Wow, guess I went a little crazy with the submit button. lol.

  3. Heidi Jo says:

    gotta love isaiah! great scripture!

    i have had similar moments: i wish and hope and pray to lose 10 pounds, then i will be so much happier with my body- then i do. and i’m at that weight and think, just five more and then i’ll be happier…

    the truth is happiness comes not in sizes or shapes but in the source HIMSELF.

    great reminder and keep on keepin’ on man!

  4. phats says:

    Hmm so you are actually trying to gain weight?? I started working out again myself this week.

  5. Laurie Jones says:

    I can’t even imagine being to that point. You do encourage me that it all is possible, though. I guess I have felt so defeated in this area for a long time and need to get motivated again. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Laurie Jones says:

    Sorry, kind of messed up the website on that last one. You can reach my blog through our website. Just FYI. Take care.

  7. Nope phats, trying to lose it. I was looking at the 180 lb barrier from the 181 side.

  8. phats says:

    Oh my bad! 🙂

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