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Well this morning I weighed in only to find out (despite my expectations to the contrary) that I weighed 169.8 lbs.  170 lb barrier, meet determination, determination, this is 170 lb barrier.  It is good to see that determination won out. 

This means that I am now less that 10 lbs away from my goal weight of 159 (healthy) lbs.  Just to think of that is amazing.  Even if I only lose one pound a week, that means that in ten weeks I could be at that point I have thought of since I began this weight loss journey in February.  It doesn’t get much more inspiring than that.

Thank God for the patience- since I know I have never had enough before. I feel so blessed to see this moment.  After countless failed diets and only semi-successful attempts at weight loss I had been discouraged when I began four months ago. 

Just to think of my past attempts was depressing.  I tried to lose weight before my wedding (in 2004) and got down to 179 lbs only to regain the weight during the first few months of my marriage.  I tried to lose weight back in 2006 only to get down to 184 and then balloon back up to 206 (my highest weight ever) thanks to just giving up when I hit a nasty plateau at 183 lbs.  The only difference between me then and me now is determination and perseverance.  The old me would have given up half a dozen times these last few months, the new me finds enough support and encouragement in prayer and friends to move ahead despite despair. 

Thank you all for your help and encouragement over these last few months.        

When I get home I will take some new pics and have them posted sometime tomorrow. 

Looking back to old challenges can be both inspirational and informative.  For example, right now I face the challenge of breaking the 170 lb barrier.  Where better to find inspiration then a month or so ago when I was trying to break the 180 lb barrier.

That post captured the joy I felt when I finally broke 180.  That joy provides me the inspiration and motivation I need to push past 170.  It also captured that wonderful moment of sweet release.  That moment when the weight of the world lifts from your shoulders as the monkey on your back packs his bags and heads off on a permanent vacation.  I can’t wait to get rid of the buddies he left behind (170lbs and 160lbs).

So for all those who feel that same despair look back over this blog, you will find plenty of it.  Yet, I worked through it and persevered.  Not of my own strength, but thanks to God.  Perhaps this scripture will provide you the same boost it gave me a few days ago when I needed it so much.

“You will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trusts in you.

Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal.”                

-Isaiah 26: 3-4. (NIV).

Written: 6/4/2007.