I have a full day of subbing ahead of me- a blessing since we need the money.  However, it really does put a cramp in my workout style.  I prefer morning workouts hands down.  I find I am usually dragging when I workout in the evening. 

So it will no doubt feel like a long day when I start my workout this evening.  Yet, I know I must push on.  I am so close to breaking the 170 barrier permanently and breaking the 35 inch waist barrier.  So close that many of my pants won’t stay up, and when I use a belt I look downright foolish as my pants bunch up. 

  1. Neil says:

    Yes, evening workouts are tough. I usually work out at lunch – we have a 24 Hour Fitness 1/2 mile away.

    I hate it when that pesky job gets in the way of my workout schedule!

    Glad to hear the pants don’t fit – that’s a good problem to have!

  2. lifelemons says:

    YAY! Great job on the weight loss, it is such a rewarding feeling!

  3. Heidi Jo says:

    can’t think of any better feeling though than needing a belt and having ‘bunchy’ pants! a girlfriend of mine just gave me a huge compliment the other day without knowing it: she said, “those pants look ridiculous on you…they are so baggy, give them to me.”

    gotta smile about that.

  4. jarvis says:

    “bunchy” pants are good to have 🙂

    Blessings In Christ Bro

  5. stevereenie says:

    I should send you some of my old pants and belts I had before I blew past the 170 number some time ago. …… Next Stop Lauderdale

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