In response to a post wherein I stated that I was going to perform five kinds of push-ups, someone commented, “I didn’t know there were five kinds of push-ups.”

Well, there are indeed five (and actually lots more) versions of the classic push-up.  In the video below a personal trainer performs NINETEEN types of push-ups you can perform without any extra equipment.

But there are more…

For starters there is the classic push-up.  From there you have…

  1. Push-up from Knees
  2. Wide Grip Push-ups
  3. Close Grip Push-ups
  4. Diamond Push-ups
  5. Fingertip Push-ups
  6. Knuckle Push-ups
  7. Chinese Push-ups (or Dive Bombers)
  8. Bench Push-ups
  9. Isometric Push-ups
  10. One-legged Push-ups
  11. Push-up with T Rotation
  12. One-arm Push-up
  13. Explosive (or Plyometric) Push-ups
  14. Clapping Push ups
  15. Staggered Push-ups
  16. Explosive Staggered Push-ups
  17. Elevated Feet Push-up
  18. Alligator Push-ups
  19. Circle Push-ups
  20. Walk Through Push-ups
  21. 90 Degree Push-ups

[All of the above are in the video except for 90 degree push-ups, circle push-ups, and walk-throughs.  To perform a 90 Degree push-up get in  a handstand position and do what is similar to an upside down shoulder press- these are VERY hard.  To perform circle push-ups, start in a regular push up position and rotate in a circle (pivoting on your toes) by moving your arms from wide grip to close grip.  Try to perform a full circle. To perform a walk-through push-up assume a wide stance and bend forward as if you were stretching.  Touch your hands to the floor and walk your hand out until you are in a classic push-up position.  Perform a push-up and then walk with your hands back to the starting position.  Repeat.]
So, as you can see, there is a large choice of push-ups.   Now, if you can access equipment you can do these other kinds of push-ups

  1. Weighted Push-ups- You could do this with your wife or child sitting on your back and then there is no need for any plate weights.
  2. Push-up, Pull-up- Perform regular push-ups with weights in your hands.  At the top of the movement pull one hand up to your chest as if you were doing a reverse bench press.  Repeat with the other arm on the next rep.
  3. Extra Stretch Push-up- Put your hands on two chairs spaced wide enough that your chest can go a few inches below you hands.  Your feet should be on a bench or chair at about the same height as your hands.  You will really feel a stretch, but be extra careful not to go down too far.
  1. jarvis says:

    Good video…Thanks for the share!

    Blessings In Christ Bro.

  2. silverneurotic says:

    I think the only kind of push up I can do is the knee one. I have no upper body strength. I used to be able to do sit ups pretty good, but I’m scared of messing up my back. My friend’s back is shot to hell from the amount of sit ups she’d done so far in her military career…it’s scary!

  3. I don’t do many regular sit-ups. I prefer leg raises and double crunches.

  4. stevereenie says:

    Its odd to get a little older. When I was in high school I could do push ups pratically until you would tell me to stop. All 21 of these look pretty intimidating right now….. Next Stop Lauderdale

  5. katieo says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  6. breederx says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the vid. I would try some of those, but I really suck at the whole push up thing, lol Hope your having a great week!

  7. DulceDiana says:

    Goodness! I didn’t know there were so many. The “diver” one seems like it would hust my back.

  8. lifelemons says:

    I’ll let you keep the push-ups, I always hated doing them!

  9. I love push-ups. All together last night I did about 150. 🙂

  10. isaacme says:

    Wow!!! I had no idea. Man I want so bad to be able to do one handed pushups.

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  12. DEBO says:

    I Can Do Upside down push ups no prob and i weigh 239 i only do two a day tho but i have wicked shoulders now. I am very impressed with my results i used to do 5 sets of 20 weight training with 30 pound dumb bells every monday,wednesday,and friday some times every day for a few days

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  15. Steve says:

    With over 20 different kinds of push-ups your workouts should never be boring and you can easily break through plateau’s.

    For weighted push-ups I have both my daughter sit on my back. It’s fine until they start jumping!

    Great video as well. Have you seen his other workout videos? The abdominal workouts are crazy. He has the same variations on the same old crunch.

  16. Jefferson says:

    that is so amazing i like to try that, because i want to have a sexy body i mean monster body like i watch on t.v thanks for the information and the show to i learn a lots.

  17. Jefferson says:

    this video is so amazing i like to do that to have a moster body..thanks for the information i learned more

  18. abed says:

    I am 42 and have a very weak upper body. I had once difficulty to complete 5 normal push-ups and 10 in three sets. But now I can do 160 in 8 sets – 20 rep in each. But there is only a marginal improvement in my upper body – in looks. Is it normal? Any suggestion to see significant improvement would be nice.

    • That depends? Have you tried multiple push-up variations? There are tons of great variations on the common push-up out there. Also be sure to keep your muscles in balance by working your back as well. I would recommend a simple row exercise (hanging from a locked out bar on a Smith Machine), pulling your body up, like a reverse push-up.

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