Today my main pieces of exercise equipment were a rake and shovel.  I finally got tired of the back drive and walk being covered in leaves and dirt so I did something about it.  It took close to four hours of shoveling, raking, and leaf blowing.  The end result, I am now more tan and more exhausted.

I might throw in a short weight workout before bed.  Nothing extravagant.  Just some simple dumbbell movements.

As far as nutrition goes, I have eaten well today.  A fruit and yogurt shake in the morning with a whole wheat waffle; dark chocolate almond bar for a snack; small personal size serving of organic pizza; afternoon snack of whole wheat pretzels; and for dinner slow cooker steak with potatoes and veggies (and v8 Fusion veggie drink).  I think I will also have some carrots before bed.

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