Well this stinks.  I am now 174.8 lbs- I had been down to 173.2 lbs.   My bed time weights have been even worse.  I am starting to get annoyed.  So I guess these walks need to turn into runs- and quickly.

I also need to lock it up on my diet.  I have been allowing myself an extra snack before bed the last few days- no more of that!   I am dialing up the protein and the veggies and cutting back on some of the few snacks I’ve allowed myself.

  1. isaacme says:

    Hay man I fluctuate all the time. One day 139.5 the next 142.

  2. stevereenie says:

    You might want to visit the John and that should take care of it. ……Next Stop Lauderdale

  3. Cheryl says:

    What weight are you trying to achieve? Last year I lost 38 pounds. It’s hard work. Still have about 15 to lose, but since our big move, I’m not worrying about it just yet. Good luck on your weight loss. One tip, which you probably already know, but don’t weigh yourself every day. Just eat right and exercise and weigh once or twice a week. Otherwise the fluctuations will drive you crazy! (and everyone around you!)

  4. lifelemons says:

    Keep up the good work and don’t get too discouraged! You’ve done well so far!

    I too have been cheating all week and not walking as much, must be something in the air! 😉

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