Yesterday worked out well.  I got caught up in daddy duties last night and missed my second workout, so that has been moved to today.  My intervals went well yesterday with sprints at 5, 9, 13, and 16.  The first sprint was at 90% intensity and each sprint thereafter declined in intensity by 10%.   I felt good after and I must admit my legs and gluteas maximus were really sore!  I felt that soreness when I did my plyometric jump squats.

As for today…


[Use 8lb Workout Ball] Good Mornings; One-Arm Press; Wood Choppers; Sit-ups; Leg Lifts; Double Crunch; Plank; Side Plank.


Breakfast: PBandJ Rice Cakes (I love these things), 1 Quart of water

Snack: Kashi bar and Protein Drink

Lunch: Turkey and Roast Beef sandwich w/ veggies, Apple, 1 Quart water
Snack: Protein Drink

Dinner: Ribs (this is a bit of a splurge- each pack contains 400 calories) w/ a small side of rice and a large side of veggies.


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