Today’s health tip is easy and simple to implement in your daily nutrition plan. Not to mention cheaper!

Replace Most of the Red Meat you Eat with Chicken and Turkey.

Why? Several reasons.

  1. It’s lower in calories.
  2. It’s lower in cholesterol.
  3. It’s lower in unhealthy fats.
  4. It has just as much protein.

Compare beef, chicken, pork, and turkey. [1, 2, 3]

A cut of beef (sirloin steak) has 21g of protein and 13 g of fat; A cut of chicken (breast) has 24g of protein and 1 gram of fat; A cut of pork (loin) has 19g of protein and 16g of fat; and a cut of turkey (breast) has 24g of protein and .8g of fat.

Applications: At breakfast replace regular bacon with turkey bacon. Regular bacon can have as much as 39g of fat and 6g of protein (serving size 3 slices), while a similar size serving of turkey bacon has only 8.4g of fat and 6.5g of protein. At lunch put down the regular sloppy Joe in favor of some turkey sloppy Joe (light on the sloppy). At dinner try replacing your sirloin steak with chicken breast.

Relax, You Can (and Should) Still Eat Some Red Meat.

Don’t cut out red meat completely, just eat less of it. And when you do eat red meat try purchasing some beef round cuts. At 25g protein and 8g fat per serving they offer the best combination possible of high protein and low-fat. Want to eat something even better for you? Try Bison meat. It is tasty and healthy- with 30g of protein and only 2.5g of fat per serving. Only downsides: it is a bit pricier than steak, but not by too much; your local store probably doesn’t carry it so you will have to order it through the mail. Try ordering from suppliers like this one.

  1. Great suggestions. I’ve found I sneak in a little tvp (texturized vegetable protein) in a sauce with ground turkey to lower the calories and fat content even more without changing the texture or flavor to much – would work great for sloppy joes (half lean ground turkey and half tvp). Lady Rose

  2. Definitely worthwhile information. I’ve tried the Bison and for some reason couldn’t get it through my head. I should really try it now since I still don’t have any taste. LOL! There is also a really good breakfast turkey sausage (ground) that I really couldn’t tell the difference.

  3. I can’t taste the difference between turkey sloppy Joe and beef sloppy Joe.

  4. waistloss says:

    This you tell to a BBQ Caterer?!?


    BBQ Chicken Ribs just aren’t as satisfying…

  5. When it comes to ribs I would stick with beef. lol.

  6. Fang says:

    Good going J. I like the new look of your site. You are inspiring me to do my own transformation 😉

  7. I wish you the best Fang. Glad I could help motivate you.

  8. Or you can go vegetarian! Replace burgers with soy burgers (Morningstar Farms pizza burgers & breakfast sausages are really tasty – my family gave up normal sausages and just eat mine) and you’re good to go. 😉

  9. Ummm..Yuck! Soy milk is the closest I will ever get to be a vegetarian- that is until the messianic kingdom.

  10. isaacme says:

    But beefis so good lol.

  11. brahnamin says:

    erm, what is the purpose (in the linked chart) of comparing raw meats? who is eating this stuff raw?

    i’m sure, comparatively, the spread would be about the same cooked, i’m just sayin . . .

  12. As far as I know, unless you are deep frying or breading them, the breakdown should be roughly the same whether you grill or bake- unless of course you add things or start with a obliviously fatty piece of meat. I usually cook mine in the skillet with a tablespoon of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

  13. brahnamin says:

    i like the george foreman now that they have the flexible hinge that allows you to cook thicker cuts of meat.

    set it on high to sear both sides then switch to medium and you can cook anything from scallops to steak to chicken breast to perfection (tho i recommend going boneless). plus you don’t need oil, or if you want the flavor you can get by with the spray on oil.

    tonight, however, i am splurging on crab legs, so we’ll be breaking out the old steamer

    closest i’m getting to a healthy memorial day this year. least it’s not burgers

  14. “plus you don’t need oil, or if you want the flavor you can get by with the spray on oil.”

    Don’t forget, not all oils are unhealthy. Olive oil is actually very good for you.

    I do own a Foreman grill, but not the good kind you describe.

  15. brahnamin says:

    oh i use olive oil like it is going out of style (not as much as i use garlic, but close second) however i try to use it primarily with vegetables and a little with chicken.

    with critters that come with their fair share of fat i try not to add any more.

    my spray oil is olive oil.

  16. brahnamin says:

    yeah, the old foreman grills are great, you just have to pound your meat out. especially chicken breast.

    but they generally cook steaks for crap

    but everything else they’re great for.

  17. “not as much as i use garlic, but close second”

    Yeah, I am a garlic freak. My wife is not so crazy about it.

    “with critters that come with their fair share of fat i try not to add any more.”

    I usually by low fat cuts or trim the fat off well before cooking.

    “my spray oil is olive oil.”

    Same here.

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