Well, I have been told that some of my exercise equipment is a bit unconventional. That is fine with me. It was actually my intention and my goal to use what was handy around the house to create some equipment with multiple uses- but a low price tag. So no more excuses (i.e. equipment is too expensive). And if you have any ideas for workout equipment that can be made from common household or backyard items post a comment.

Exercise Equipment

Kitty Litter Weights

Availability: This was an easy choice as our yard (which formerly contained a pool) has hundred of pounds of gravel that we neither use nor want. We also have two cats that go through kitty litter with amazing celerity.

Modifications: Take one (two is preferable) 35 kitty litter plastic containers and fill them with lots of gravel.


Put a couple shovels full into the empty kitty litter containers.kitty litter weights

Uses: Shrugs, Forearm rolls, farmers walk (how far can you walk while carrying two 50lb weights), and trap raise.


Rocks for Rock Carry

Availability: These were laying all around our backyard. There were so many, I made two piles of them four feet high.

Two of these bad boys (each weigh about 20-30 lbs).

Modifications: None needed.

Uses: Grips. Their irregular shape is excellent to work on your grip. Grab on in each hand using only your fingertips and see how long you can hold them. Please, try not to crush your foot.

Darn Heavy Piece of Wood:

Darn Heavy Wood

Availability: I found about ten of these laying around my backyard. I have already used the other nine in construction projects, this is the only one that remains. It isn’t as heavy as it feels- it’s shape makes it awkward and cumbersome.

Modification: None needed.

Uses: Duck walks, Plyometric Squats, Squats, and Squat Press. Do duck walks with it on your shoulders; try plyometric squat jumps while holding it over your head; or do a squat press.


  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, you are inspiring me to work out. My goal was to get more exercise this summer by playing tennis, bike riding, and walking. So far (and its been so nice that I could do it) I haven’t. I played one dull game of tennis. I did get some exercise. But I kind of need another person to play with and that seems always like a dead end. I wish I had motivation to hop on my treadmill (I hate just walking and staring into la la land–I sit and think of all the other things I need to do), but I don’t. So I really need to get active. I did manage to lose 8 pounds just from eating better. I need to lose another 20 atleast.

    Thanks for blogging about your experience. Well wishes on your journey to getting fit!

  2. I think I lost a 1/2lb just reading your post hehehe Great ideas TT! Lady Rose

  3. DulceDiana says:

    Very resourceful and creative. How do you weigh them? Or do you estimate?

    PS: Yes, I was trying to be funny…:-)

  4. Wow! You changed your format! It’s probably been forever since you have and I look silly saying this! 🙂 I always read your blog on my blogsurfer so I don’t actually see your blog. It looks great! I like it.

    By the way, tag, you’re it! 🙂


  5. DD: How do you weigh them?

    Same scale I use to weigh me. 🙂 I still weigh more than the rocks.

  6. I like having the two columns.

  7. Hah! That was a great post…I have another, a 27lb boy. 😉
    No modifications needed there either.

    Thanks for dropping by CWM

  8. storbakken says:

    My grandpa has been working out since he was in his twenties. He’s always thinking of new ways to get fit. Recently he’s been tearing license plates in two. He gets them free at the salvage yard and then tears them in two. There’s a short video on my blog of him destroying a license plate. Check it out:


    God bless. And thanks for your encouragement.

  9. I checked it out. That is one awesome grandpa.

  10. Debbie says:

    You can use kitty litter for weight in the back of your car in the winter on icy roads. If you get stuck on ice, you can use it under the tires to get unstuck.

    You can also use gallon milk/water bottles filled with water as weights. You could also fill them with concrete for heavier weights.

    Women can use canned goods from the pantry for hand weights when starting out, rather than buying small weights.

    I’ve always been active in the yard. When we moved here, I had a truck load of railroad ties delivered for making flower beds. The truck ‘dumped’ them, and I had to move them myself. It was “lift one end, rotate, drop … lift the other end, rotate, drop …” Now that’s exercise.

  11. Right Truth says:

    Eight random facts about me

    It’s a meme, but it’s a good way to learn about fellow bloggers deep, dark secrets… The Rules: Players start with 8 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts. Players

  12. Angel says:

    great ideas!..keep up the fight!..ra ra!

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  14. Jedd says:

    Dude, no doubt! Great stuff right there. Love the rock and atlas stone training!

  15. frontpage training

    Hi. Thanks for the good read.

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  17. Jessie says:


    Your post is very informative.

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