With day 2 almost completely behind me I am already looking forward to day 3. And when day three arrives, the plan for tomorrow involves a pretty good nutritional plan and two workouts- one for the morning and the other for the afternoon. I might even throw in a run tomorrow depending how I feel.

Coming back from being sick for almost a week I must admit that it is almost a euphoric feeling to get back into my workouts.  I can’t wait to have my body at a 100% so I can push myself all the way to the limit- and then some.  I want to see just what this 28 year old body is capable of.  After all Ninja Warrior is a tough competition and I aim to compete in it within the next two years.  [As far as I am aware no westerner has ever won Ninja Warrior]


Breakfast: Cheerios, Turkey Bacon, Toast, and 1 quart of water.

Snack: Protein drink.

Lunch: PB and J on Rice Cakes, Tuna, 1 quart of water.

Snack: Protein drink.

Dinner: Chicken w/ rice and salad.


Routine 1

Jumping Jacks; Plyometric jumps; Star Jumps; Duck Walk; Push-ups; Tricep Dips; Farmers Walk; Shrugs; Trap Raise; Deadlift; Rock Grip; Squat Press; Uneven Push-up.

Routine 2

[Use 8lb Workout Ball] Good Mornings; One-Arm Press; Wood Choppers; Leg Lifts; Double Crunch; Plank; Side Plank.

  1. Was today protein day?

  2. Seems like everyday is protein day.

  3. code says:

    hmmm.. i think i would pry be eating the whole box of cheerios by now 🙂

  4. Good workouts, John — good, functional stuff that should make your strength off the charts!


  5. Code: “i think i would pry be eating the whole box of cheerios by now”

    Well, they are the natural kind so they don’t taste good enough to eat the whole box. If they were Honey-nut, then yes, I probably would too.

  6. krislinatin says:

    you’re doing good on the water!

  7. Perhaps you missed the big salad at the end of the day.

  8. phats says:

    This is like watching one of those weight loss shows on blogger! You know I admire how hard you’re working, I have often said I need to start working out full force again. Being a college athlete I used to workout all the time, not anymore!

    Hmm this might be rude but what’s a ninja competition consist of? Sounds scary

  9. Cheryl says:

    thanks for the comment. I’m curious how you found my blog?

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