Well, someone brought donuts to a church meeting I attended last night and I just couldn’t resist.  I needed the quick shot of sugar as the meeting run until 9:45 last night.  So one coconut covered donut later I am seriously regretting ruining an awesome  day to satisfy a momentary craving.  Just goes to show that even after three months my self-discipline still needs a lot of work.

So what about today?


Breakfast: Ham and Turkey on Whole Wheat with Veggies, V8 Fusion, 1 Quart of Water.

Snack: Kashi Snack Bar and Protein Drink.

Lunch: Fettuccini with Chicken and Broccoli, 1 Quart Water.

Snack:  Protein Drink.

Dinner:  Tuna on Salad, Carrots, 1 Quart Water.


30 minute walk with the dogs.

5/22 Weigh-in: 174.2 lbs 


  1. Grace says:

    treating yourself once in a while will not hurt that much, right?

  2. Once in a while yes, but I already had my cheat day on Sunday.

  3. Kullervo says:

    Oh man, at church they have these chocolate donuts. They’re my most intense temptation all week, and I’ve been succumbing lately!

  4. Tell me about it. Each Sunday morning at my church they have Dunkin’ Donuts (not that Krispy Kreme junk). And, ashamed as I am to admit it, I love the pink frosted raspberry filled ones. Kinda fruity, I know.

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