Well another Monday has arrived- the fifteenth since I began this transformation challenge in February.  And now seems as good a time as any to get back to the basics.  By the basics I mean meal plans and workout plans.  I also mean attempting to (and a more complete post will follow) workout using only cheap and simple things you can find around your house- and a few inexpensive extras.

For example, today’s workout involves the following “props”

2 Plastic Cat litter containers (35 lb capacity) filled with gravel. (pics later).

1 8-lb weighted (sand-filled) fitness ball. (pics later). [$13 at Wal-mart]

1 “darn heavy” piece of wood.  (pics later).

2 irregular shaped pieces of rock (about 20-25lbs)(pics later).

As part of this returning to the basics program I will also return to posting full detail on my workouts and my nutrition plan- in hopes that it might be helpful to some of you out there seeking to begin your own transformation process.


Breakfast- (2) Peanut Butter and Jelly Rice Cakes, 1 Quart (4 cups) of Water

Snack- Protein Shake

Lunch- Roast Beef and Turkey on 100% Whole Wheat bread w/ veggies

Snack- Kashi Granola Bar

Dinner- Chicken Breast w/ rice and salad

Resistance Training

Jumping Jacks; Duck Walk (w/ “Darn Heavy” Wood across the shoulders); Plyometric Jumps; Star Jumps; Push-offs; Tricep Press; Push-throughs; Tricep Press; Shrugs; Rock Hold; Planks; Leg Lifts; Double Crunch; Uneven Push-up.

We’ll see how today works out.

5/21 Weigh-in: 173.6 lbs 

  1. Dawn says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. With regard to the ‘DO YOU WANT TO WIN OR DO YOU WANT TO BE RIGHT’ phrase, I actually learnt it back in 1984 on a personal transformation training called ‘i am’ devised and delivered by Pat Grove – in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have heard Dr Phil use it quite often … I find it a very powerful statement/question.
    I am pleased to have discovered this blog. As I am about to depart on a ten day vacation, I will save visiting it for when I return.

  2. Debbie says:

    Good for your. I love Kashi products, especially the cereals. I use to order the bars from the company, since no stores near me carried them. But I found they didn’t satify my hunger very long. I don’t eat anything with sugar, honey, syrups, dextros, sucrose etc. in any form. It seems to stimulate the appetite.

    Of course I’ve never had to lose more than 10 pounds at a time. I salute you in your efforts and results.

  3. phats says:

    Hey there
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow this sounds great, best of luck with all this. Are you going to lift the kitty litter? Sounds creative. The turkey and Roast beef made me hungry, I haven’t had lunch yet today.

    Best of luck with all this I will keep stopping by and checking your progress for sure!

  4. Debbie: I just had a Kashi bar, and yes I am still hungry. But that is fine. I allow myself to eat more as long as I only eat fruit or veggies. So I see a pear in my future.

    Phats: A post is coming up soon to show and explain the odd workout equipment that I use.

  5. I think that is a great idea TT — I have a draft of for part two of my no more excuses for not exercising (no money for equipment) where I talk about using every day items — if it’s ok, I’d like to also include your post and link to it. As always you continue to be an inspiration. Lady Rose

  6. BTW linking is never a problem. You don’t need to ask. And I will be posting tomorrow with pics of my unconventional workout equipment.

  7. Angel says:

    HI THERE friend..ya kind of get used to being hungy sometimes..but health is well worth it!

  8. I really like that you use “back-to-basic” techniques and equipment. Sometimes the gizmos and gadgets out there seem like you need a Master’s Degree just to put together! I’m all for “old school.”

    You’re doing great!! Enjoying reading your progress!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  9. Peanut butter and jelly rice cakes? Darn heavy piece of wood? I’m not liking the sounds of this at all. I think I’d better go back home and play with the lambs =)

  10. You don’t like PB and J rice cakes? They are delicious!

  11. stevereenie says:

    You have what it takes to succeed, keep up the good work. . . . Next Stop Lauderdale

  12. taquoriaan says:

    Thanks for stopping at my blog.

    I’ve got a great tip for a ‘snack’. When snacking you should avoid carbohydrates. They metabolize into sugars, which in turn cause craving for more food.

    So when you change this to something with proteins, you will feel ‘full’ for a longer time. So try a boiled egg or something else loaded with proteins when snacking.

    Also try to avoid eating carbohydrates at the end of the day. When you don’t burn them (because you are going to sleep), they can easily stored as fat. And you don’t want that. Hope it works.

  13. I try to have a serving of protein with everything I eat. Whether it be peanut butter, meat, eggs, etc.

    I am wary of consuming as much protein as many weight loss diets suggest since excessive consumption of protein can be harmful to the body.

    Thanks for your comments.

  14. satisfiedhousewife says:

    I remember doing the South Beach Diet. That was SO hard for me those first two weeks!! No sugars or grains for 2 solid weeks!!! I was irritable, cranky, my body was in rebellion and was having “sugar fits”, etc., but the second week went by so much smoother, my cravings were gone and at last I was in control! I think I liked the control over my appetites the best. That’s so important. To this day I really try to eat healthy. I know since I am in my childbearing years I need to keep my body down to my normal weight so I can be healthy and have natural childbirths (with no meds). I also believe that it glorifies God to eat those things that He made for our enjoyments (so much to choose from – praise Him for His awesome diverse foods!) and also it brings Him glory when His people are healthy, demonstrating obedience to Him by having self-control in our appetites, as well as allowing the body to heal itself of sickness by just merely eating right! Our dependance on drugs shows how dependant we are on the world’s methods, instead of God’s natural remedies. There is so much I have to learn still, but I thank Him for revealing things like this to me, and how important it is to be healthy. All for His glory and honour!! God bless!

  15. “I think I liked the control over my appetites the best.”

    I am seeking to gain control and discipline over myself in all areas. Diet is just one area.

  16. fitnesspro says:

    Good luck to you!! You might want to put my blog on a feed, because I post a blog each work day to offer tips, advice, and motivation to help you with your goal. I am also a Christian. I became a trainer because I lost weight a little over 5 years ago (maybe 6 – it all runs together after a while). I come from a heavy family, and I was chubby as a kid. I graduated high school as a size 12. I now wear a size 4 and I’m 35 years old (I’ll be 36 in October). It all started with a book I read called What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell. Have you read that? It totally transformed the way I look at my body and my health. My mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire others toward a lifestyle of excellent fitness and total health & wellness – body, soul, and spirit. Let me know if I can help you. 🙂

  17. Thanks Fit. If I knew how to add a feed I would. Sadly my tech knowledge is somewhat limited.

  18. silverneurotic says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve put you on my blogroll so I don’t forget to check back. Good luck with your diet goals. You’ve got some nice ideas here in just this one little post. Look forward to reading more.

  19. conwict says:

    You have a solid approach to working out. I don’t know about your LBM, etc, but your calories look pretty darn low! You look like you have a little bit of an aversion to fat, why so?

    I recommend fish oil, at the very least, and probably some olive oil. Chicken and rice and whatnot is fine…but try some P+F (protein+fat) meals!

    I know you didn’t ask for my advice, but it’s a darn criminal shame not to be eating fish oil, especially on a fat loss diet!

    Based on your interest in irregular objects and “working with what you have”…I strongly recommend A) Renegade Training, the John Davies training system (google renegade+davies) and B) Rope Revolution by Chad Waterbury for ideas…Rope Revolution will be great for you!

  20. Thanks for the info.

    I get most of my healthy fats from olive oil, peanut butter, and almonds. Care to recommend some other sources- besides fish? (BTW I always cook my chicken in olive oil)

    While I don’t take a fish oil supplement I do eat fish- although not as often as I should.

    AS far as my calories, I am shooting for about 1,900 a day as this is about 500 calories below my metabolic needs for maintenance (with workouts factored in).

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