Go Ahead and Sign Up…

Posted: May 19, 2007 in challenge, fat, fat loss, fitness, goal, goals, hobbies, mens' health, spartan workout, weight, weight lifting, Weight loss

Swing by Men’s Health and sign up for the Transformation Challenge.  If you are one of the five men selected you get a free trainer for five weeks, and in return all you need to commit to is consistently training, blogging, and taking pics and/or videos.

As someone who has been blogging their own fitness journey for free (no free trainers, gym memberships, etc.) I wish this had come along sooner.  Hope I didn’t eliminate myself from consideration since I’ve lost so much already.  Who knows.

Current Weight: 173.4 lbs.  Current Waist: 35 inches

  1. And if they don’t select you, you can always use me, as your lackie backup 🙂 My rates just went up. Just kidding!

  2. code says:

    so you lost 33 pds., eh?! congrats!!!!

  3. Bama says:

    That sounds really cool. I’m not taking shirtless pictures though so I guess I’m out.

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