Pakistani Christians Warned to Convert, Munir Ahmad

“Christians in a Pakistani town beset by pro-Taliban militants sought government protection Wednesday, the eve of a deadline for them to convert to Islam or face violence.

About 500 Pakistani Christians in Charsadda, a town in the North West Frontier Province bordering Afghanistan, received letters earlier this month telling them to close their churches and convert by Thursday or be the target of “bomb explosions.”

Joel Rosenberg Blog

There are new reports this week that Iran may join a Central Asian military alliance with Russia. Syria has just moved up its schedule for a major military exercise. It was planned for the late summer and early fall. Now the Syrian war games will begin this month and run through July. This has intensified speculation among intelligence analysts that Syria could be preparing for a summer war.”

Run-in Changes Lawmaker’s Stance [on Concealed Weapons],  Phillip Morris.

“It was at that point that the would-be robbers realized that their prey wasn’t worth the trouble. Besides, Cheryl, DeBose’s wife, and a daughter had heard his screams and had raced out to investigate. Other porch lights began to flicker on.

The loud muffler sped off, and DeBose started rethinking his gun vote.

DeBose twice voted against a measure to allow Ohioans to carry concealed weapons. It became law in 2004.

“I was wrong,” he said Friday.

“I’m going to get a permit and so is my wife.

“I’ve changed my mind. You need a way to protect yourself and your family.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone. But I never again want to be in the position where I’m approached by someone with a gun and I don’t have one.”

Air Bags Dangerous for Tall, Small People: Study, Steven Reinberg.

“Short people and tall people can receive serious injuries from air bags, a new study found.”

The Problem of Junk Science, William Rusher

But Bethell’s book has 13 other chapters, each exploding the phony “science” behind some other liberal shibboleth. Think nuclear power is dangerous? By artfully playing on the confusion between nuclear power and nuclear weapons, activists have crippled the use of “the safest of all energy sources,” and vastly increased the use of heavily polluting coal-fired power plants (Chapter 2). Worried about DDT thinning the shells of endangered eagles? It doesn’t — but a million people a year are dying of malaria in Africa alone for lack of it (Chapter 5). Convinced that the theory of evolution is essentially sound, and that critics of it are just wacky creationists? The truth seems to be that the origins of species are far more complex than simplistic Darwinists will admit (Chapter 14).”

  1. DulceDiana says:

    First of all…what a shocker! The new look to your site surprised me…:-)

    Okay,now that I got that out of my system…lol.. about “Run-in Changes Lawmaker’s Stance [on Concealed Weapons]” Would anyone like to clarify for me, why do we need permits for weapons? I can understand the gov would like to know who has them and who doesn’t but who is to say they will use them properly? Or if someone has one and doesn’t have a permit are they still trackable?
    Just curious. I’m not too informed on this topic.

  2. breederx says:

    Hey! Haven’t been on your blog in a few days, things have been hectic! I like the new layout, it looks great! I hope you are doing well and having even more success with your total transformation 🙂

  3. Doing great Breeder, aside from this sinus infection.


    “why do we need permits for weapons?”

    This article involves CCW (concealed carry weapon permits). The government expects you to attend classes, pass a test at a firing range, and reapply every so often.

    “if someone has one and doesn’t have a permit are they still trackable?”

    Nope, they aren’t. Kind of silly the whole thing. The state of Vermont doesn’t require a license for concealed weapons. Most states have a CCW program though.

  4. I love how liberals fail to see the wisdom in the Second Amendment. (Of course, these are the people who really think that it means that you have a right to abort your child, but that’s a different story.) How hard is it to see that, in a world where guns exist, they should not be the exclusive province of criminals and the government?

    DDT is supposed to thin the shells of pelicans, not eagles, right? Therein may be some of the problem. 😉

    Nevertheless, if DDT is a problem in Louisiana, why not just ban in it Louisiana? Why not encourage African nations to use it to prevent malaria deaths, but not use it where malaria isn’t a problem? Is that too hard?

  5. This is why I like you to comment, always thoughtful and insightful.

  6. Kullervo says:

    I think that “simplistic Darwinists” are probably either not really scientists or they are straw men that Creationists have invented. I don;t think there is anything simple about the theory of evolution, and I don;t think any real scientist will hesitate to admit that there are problems with it.

    But there are problems with a whole lot of other scientific theories, too. Relativity, Quantum mechanics, etc. Problems with a theory only mean that we don’t have the universe all figured out yet. Any real scientist will tell you that.

  7. Thanks for the comment Kull.

    “I think that “simplistic Darwinists” are probably either not really scientists or they are straw men that Creationists have invented.”

    I think the author is probably raising (and I haven’t read his book yet) structural problems in evolutionary thinking. I can almost certainly assure you that he isn’t a creationist since views creationism with the same scorn that it views global warming.

  8. Kullervo says:

    Ah well, there I go running my mouth off. Sorry ’bout that.

  9. Not a problem. It was a good assumption and is often true.

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