I know I promised I wasn’t going to weigh myself for two weeks.  Here we are three days into the challenge and I couldn’t resist.  So, while the bad news is that I failed to keep my promise, the good news is that I now weigh in at 173.8lbs.
While my O.C.D. isn’t serious, it is enough to be quite frustrating.  I think I inherited this problem from my parents.  My mother can’t leave the house without checking the burners on the stove at least four times.  My father uses boiled water to clean his toothbrush every time before brushing.

What about my O.C.D.?  Well it takes several different forms.  Every since I started this weight loss journey, most of the time I’ve been weighing in about three to four times a day.  But it goes beyond that.  I also feel the need to check my car’s emergency brake repeatedly during any ride in the car- same thing with the door lock button.

So while I am not opening and closing every door three times, or arranging everything around me in an orderly manner (I am actually quite the opposite), this mild form of O.C.D. is bothersome enough.

  1. Neil says:

    I encourage people with OCD to watch Monk (the TV show). My family likes it because it makes our OCD look less raging.

  2. Dragan says:

    I’ve been always looking for something that will force me to view my OCD from different corner, from a funny side. I haven’t found something like that, some TV show, some novel, some poem etc.

  3. mommyzabs says:

    somehow i could have guessed you were ocd.

  4. What’s that supposed to mean…lol.

  5. WhoreChurch says:

    Wow, man I feel for you. It must be tough.

  6. WhoreChurch says:

    Did you get my comment yet?

  7. WhoreChurch says:

    Why haven’t you replied yet?

  8. WhoreChurch says:

    Are you ignoring me?

  9. mommyzabs says:

    oh i meant nothing bad. Your getting so deeply into the weightloss thing shows that tendancy. You are very organized about it. When my dad lost a bunch of weight years ago he was the same way, made graphs and everything! We could also use the positive side and cause it goal oriented.

  10. Kelly W says:

    My husband and I are both guilty of this one. He gets up several times during the course of an evening and night to check that the front door is locked. I by copious amounts of toilet tissue and dish washing detergent- I never want to run out!

  11. I buy tuna every time we go to the grocery store. We now have about 40 cans of tuna in the pantry.

  12. 40 cans of tuna is NOT OCD. My dad used to buy canned veggies every time they were on sale. He built extra cabinets in the kitchen to hold them all. We had two cabinets full of canned stuff. Had a nuclear bomb dropped and all of suburban Massachusetts were cut off from grocery stores for weeks at a time, we could have fed them all in grand style.

  13. edmund says:

    i have been worrying about my weight loss for some time now and lately, i’ve lost more weight and i have been thinking about how skinny i have become (i dont WANT TO BE SKINNY) and checking my arms, feeling my waist, etc to make sure that i haven’t lost more weight.

    i feel like an idiot doing this, knowing that worrying makes me lose more weight.

    i dnt know what to do.

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