Good-bye Jerry…

Posted: May 15, 2007 in Christ, Christianity, death, Fundamentalists, Jerry Falwell, obituary, Religion

Today, at the age of 73, Rev. Jerry Falwell passed away. That leaves only Pat Robertson to endure the scorn of left-wing critics who lambaste those of us dubbed “fundamentalists.” As Pat seems to have gone off the deep end in recent years (his repeatedly strange prophecies) Jerry was really the lightning rod for criticism from the religious and secular left. Agree with him or not, he stuck to his guns, and stood firm in his faith.

While there is much we disagreed on, he was a good man. No doubt he would be sad to know he didn’t live to see the glorious return of Christ. But soon enough, in the twinkling of an eye, he will be before his Lord and Savior.

  1. Angel says:

    hey there..I just saw this on the news too..sigh…thanks for visiting my site as well!

  2. As John Donne said, “Any man’s death diminishes me….”

  3. Haven’t seen you around in a while heretic. How are you doing lately.

  4. Doing well. And it looks like you are too!

  5. Thus far yes. A little off, as I have sworn not to weigh-in over the next two weeks. And such goes against my O.C.D. need to weigh-in three to five times a day.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hey, yeah I just read this…how sad. I agree with what you said.
    Thanks for the post,

  7. wytammic says:

    Thanks for such a respective post. He was criticized by more than the left — though I always found him to be an honorable and upright man. Then again, I think the world of Pat Robertson too. Many people tend to ignore the enormous good men like these accomplish in their lives. RIP Reverend.

  8. I like Pat and he is a good man. But he does seem to have gone off the deep end with his prophecies of tsunamis and hurricanes and such.

  9. Neil says:

    Falwell was definitely a lightning rod. I didn’t agree with all his positions but I think he was a good man and stood bravely on some hot issues.

    The irony watch has begun: Count how many Lefties spew venom about Falwell because he was allegedly a “hater.”

  10. wytammic says:

    Hey Neil — the left is spewing. Such a hateful bunch.

    But he does seem to have gone off the deep end with his prophecies of tsunamis and hurricanes and such.

    I don’t watch Pat much — but hey, tsunami and hurricane predictions can’t be that hard to hit on, can they? 🙂

  11. brahnamin says:

    i went to liberty university (briefly) in my youth. i listened to him speak many times, of course, but i only met him once. he offered to give my roommate and me a ride back from the mall.

    he kinda thought we were skipping class (we weren’t) but he was really cool about it.

    the thing he said that has always stuck with me was :: even if there were not resurrection, no heaven, nothing to look forward to beyond this life, i would still choose to be a christian because i like the lifestyle. i like the man it has made me.

    (forgive the clumsy paraquote :: i only heard him say it once during my freshman year)

  12. Hello Totaltransformation,
    thank you for visiting my site. It is sad when the liberal media become gleeful over the death of a great man. Falwell was indeed a strong conservative voice in a time when it was needed. Let us pray for his family, ministry and the future of the work still to be done. I’m sure he would want to know a generation of Christians were so inspired by his obedience to Christ we will continue to sound the trumpet.

  13. Did the liberal media really become gleeful??? That is terrible. In fact that is quite low.

    Jerry Falwell’s voice will certainly be missed, even if you don’t agree with everything the man said.

  14. 1ofHis says:

    He’s in the kingdom!

  15. heaintthroughwithmeyet says:

    I too think that Falwell was a good man even though he rubbed me the wrong way on some issues. Godspeed Mr Falwell. And he is where we want to be 🙂

  16. Gen says:

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a lovely blog going here!!!!

  17. isaacme says:

    Falwell was a great man.

  18. […] words “Any man’s death diminishes me….” At any rate, along the way I found this comment about Falwell from Brahnamin at TotalTransformationTest, and it reminded me of a challenge I would […]

  19. leon says:

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