Well this is a rather inauspicious start to the two week throw away the scale challenge.  Despite deftly avoiding my wife’s bacterial infection through a week of no kissing or sharing glasses (not to mention back to back sleeping), I still managed to come down with a sinus infection. 

I hate sinus infections because mine linger.  Often I am stuck for ten days with the joyus of mucus running down my throat (hence a wonderfully painful sore throat).  To make matters worse said mucus is lodging somewhere in my sinus cavity where blowing my nose does nothing to clear up the problem- or even temporarily relieve it.

So I turn to my old friend Mucinex D.  The stuff is amazing.  It must be since you have to present ID, sign a special book, and I think promise your first born child to the pharmacist in order to obtain it.  The same drug that Meth-heads crush up and turn into one of the most addictive and life destroying drugs ever known, also does the most to clear up my horrible sinus infections.  Unfortunately, it also makes you incredibly jumpy.  Inscribed on the box is the foreboding warning that this drug isn’t for those with known heart problems (what about those with unknown heart problems?). 

So, for now my workouts are going to have to weight.  I will stick with my sensible and healthy eating habits, and with my stretching and agility routines.  But the running and the weight-lifting are on hold until this clears up. 

  1. Man, I feel for ya.

    I think that sinus infections are one of the most miserable things that you can suffer from in the non-life threatening category.

    I used to get them several times a year, but haven’t had one since I quit smoking in December of 2005.

    Definitely a good idea to not worry about exercising right now, John.


  2. Yeah, I would hold off on the running and lifting until the sinus infection clears. So sorry you have to go through it… totally not fun!! Hope you’re feeling better soon!!

  3. thanks for the comment.

    like your site.

    keep it up……

  4. satisfiedhousewife says:

    Hey TT! I love your new “look”! I just looked at your Amazon wish list and you and I think a like!! I have the Self Sufficient Life and How to Live It by Seymore, and those other books look good too! You may also want to check out “The Contrary Farmer” and “Five Acres And Independance”. I have those too. Well, it’s a pipedream of mine to live on a farm, but we’ll see…maybe “someday!” My friends just bought 10 acres in South Carolina, they will be moving from CA this November! We moved out to North Carolina last summer from CA. Are you also in NC? I saw some books about NC in your list. Anyway, my poor hubby has had a terrible time with allergies over here. It’s a constant thing – not going away! 😦

    Take care,

  5. I am in central North Carolina, yes. I love it here. But land is getting so expensive here, everywhere in NC. I am worried I will have to move out west to find affordable property.

  6. michael says:

    I sympathize, and empathize, with you.
    I, too, am prone to severe, recurring, sinus infections; they’re the worst.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  7. I wish I could get some kind of operation to end this kind of thing. Maybe titanium sinuses. Maybe that might work.

  8. satisfiedhousewife says:

    Hey, I have a website for you – it’s worth a try anyway. It’s http://www.welltellme.com You can look up sinus infection or any other medical condition and you should be able to find some answers, in a more natural remedy. Try it!

    Oh, and I am in the Charlotte area! Nice to know you’re a fellow North Carolinian! 🙂 Yes, I agree about the land here. Do you have any posts here on your interests in farming? I love that topic!!


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