None of my Clothes Fit….

Posted: May 8, 2007 in Biblical Weight Loss, fat, fat loss, fitness, Food, weight, Weight loss

Now my pants sag, and my shirts hang loosely- what a wonderful problem to have. 

This morning I weighed in at 176.6 pounds.  Woo-hoo! 

  1. DulceDiana says:

    So does this mean shopping? hehe…indeed a wonderful problem to have!
    Blessings brother!

  2. WhoreChurch says:

    I didn’t comment on your latest pics, but good for you Tranny. You sexy thing.

  3. breederx says:

    That is SO awesome! I WISH! Congradulations, stay super sweet! 🙂

  4. timbob says:

    Greetings and congradulations. Your persistance is encouraging.

    Blessings always in Christ.


  5. Thank you all for the comments. I look forward to seeing this through to the end.

    In the coming days I will be posting some posts dealing with life, God, and goals. Come back and check them out.

  6. Thie thinner you get, the more fun clothes shopping is!

    Way to go, man.


  7. Rachel says:

    Woohoo! Congrats! You are truly inspiring. I think it’s awesome what you are doing. I need to read more of your posts so I can start doing something. I would like to lose about 15 lbs but once you hit the big 40, it’s hard! I have had 4 operations to my knee in 5 years so I have been pretty sedentary. I just joined the gym today!!

  8. jarvis says:

    Thanks for the pictures in the prior post…helps put into perspective how “perseverance” plays out over time in your life.

    Blessings In Christ Bro.

  9. Angel says:

    Yay!…go shopping!

  10. When my husband was doing Body for Life and reached this point, his co-workers began to call him “Hefty Cinch-Sak” because of the way his pants were scrunched together with a belt!

    You are doing great! 🙂


  11. John says:

    J, congreatulations on all you have done. This is outstanding. I’ve enjoyed reading about your efforts.

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