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179.6!  How awesome is that?!

But I guess I should catch you up.  Day Four I worked all day and only had time for a short ab workout.  Yet I still went to bed at my lowest night time weight yet, 182 lbs.

I didn’t have any great hopes about this morning- I assumed I would weigh in slightly over 180 lbs.  So when I saw that the scale read 179.6, my first reaction was disbelief.  I weighed in three more times to be sure.  Yup, I got 179.6 every time.  I said a prayer of thanks and proceeded to get multiple high-fives from my daughter.

Thanks to everyone out there.  Your support has meant and will continue to mean a lot.  Keep my transformation in your prayers.  I am aiming for 165 lbs.  And today I am more than a pound closer.

I must apologize though for getting off track with my running. Today, we have company over, so I am not sure whether I will have time for my run- this would be the third day I have put it off.  If I don’t run today then that means I will run and resistance train this Sunday.  Although, I am hoping to fit at least one of those two activities into my day today.