Birthday’s are usually a good time to reflect on your life- especially when you enter the second quarter of your earthly existence.   What have I learned?  How have I grown?  Heck, I don’t have enough space here to answer those questions.

But one thing stands out- I have a lot of learning left to do.  While my fitness situation is rapidly improving, my finances and my spiritual walk are both lagging behind.  I have taken steps in the last few days to address both deficiencies and I will continue to try to compensate for past neglect.

Beyond that, as I watched the news this morning, I heard a quote that was quite poignant.  I believe it was Mohammad Ali’s wife who said that the most important thing to remember (at least according to her husband) was that “He whom receives much from God, of him/her much is expected.”  Living in the United States, with a home of my own, with a wonderful family and good health- I consider myself rich beyond comparison.  Yeah we drive 17 year old cars that make me scared every time I turn the key; yes we are behind on some of our bills; and yes we don’t have enough to put the new roof on our house that it needs.  None of that is incredibly important though.  Why not?  Because I have faith that if the cars broke down, if the more bills piled, or the roof collapsed- whatever happens God will provide relief.  I don’t know how He will do it, I don’t know when, but I know His aid will come when the time is right.  For all this I am so grateful, but also so guilty, as I know I haven’t given back enough.

So looking forward from this day, it would be appropriate to say that I look toward a more abundant and charitable life.  Whether it means running our ranch/farm for the benefit of our community or whatever the Lord asks, I look forward to the opportunity.  I will admit I have my fingers crossed that God goes with the whole farm idea- but I am open to whatever He asks.

  1. DM says:

    happy birthday TT. I can’t afford to subscribe to this animated birthday card I really like so I’m going to just give you the link to their home page
    my card to you is under “featured cards” titled Singing piglets. From one farm boy to another. God Bless DM

  2. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you have your priorities just right! My husband and I have struggled financially for pretty much our whole marriage but God has always provided what we needed. We have done better and better the last few years and we actually have a dollar or two left after all the bills are paid – it’s nice! 🙂 I just paid our bills today and I was thinking how thankful I am that we have the money to pay the bills – that they are paid on time – and that we have everything we need. We don’t have extras and we do without a lot of things that the world says we should have but we are so incredibly blessed and I’m so thankful for that. 🙂

  3. pasturescott says:

    Belated Happy Birthday to you, TT! Believe me, it gets even better as you go along…it ticks me off to think I am old enough to be your dad…oh, wait, scratch that. I could be your younger brother…yeah, that’s the ticket…(TMSAISTI!)*


    *(that’s my story and I’m…you know the rest)

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