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This blog is about total transformation- not just transforming my flabby body. Part of any such transformation is cleaning up one’s financial situation. I don’t know where you are with finances, but I know where I am- all too well. Credit card debt has a grip on our budget- taking up about 15% of our monthly pay in payments to about 8 different cards. Right now we are just beginning to get it under control- emphasis on the word beginning.

So for all those in the same situation, check out these excellent resources.

How Much do you Owe?

Debt Roll Down Calculator

And if you want to start planning ahead

Savings Calculator

How Long Until you Reach Your Savings Goal?

I hope these links are as helpful to you as they were to me.

UPDATE: WC suggested a great link.  Check this out.  And since WC gave me the suggestion here is a link to his blog.

Anyone Got $33 Grand?

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Anyone willing to buy me out?


My blog is worth $33,872.40.
How much is your blog worth?