I opened my Men’s Health magazine yesterday only to read an interesting and workout altering factoid.  Apparently, a study in Japan found that if you run immediately after your resistance training session you burn TWICE as many calories. Now, I have also heard (although I don’t know of any study to confirm this) that if you run first thing in the morning before eating you can burn 300% more calories.

So, how about putting it to the test?

Over the next three weeks I will be conducting a fitness experiment.  My body will be the lab rat.

Week 1: Three resistance training sessions with a run following immediately after.

Week 2: Run first thing in the morning.  Each run will take place on a day when no resistance training is scheduled.

Week 3:  If possible, both training and run will take place immediately after waking up and before breakfast.  I really hope I don’t pass out during either activity.

When all is said and done we can compare weight and inches lost.  Admittedly, the more weight you lose, the harder it seems to lose weight.  So, I think weeks two and three will need some kind of handicap.  Maybe spot them a pound or two?  Let the experiment begin.

  1. You are right about both. You’re burning more FAT calories in the morning because you don’t have an entire day worth of food to burn. Depending on how intense your training workouts are, I wouldn’t weight train unless you have fuel (low glycemic carbs). You will burn out immediately. Believe it on not, a brisk walk at 70% VO2 max, will burn as many fat calories as running. Hope you find success with your experiment.
    Excellent Information!

  2. HealthHacker says:

    I agree with the above poster.

    I also workout/train before breakfast for the exact reasons they stated/.

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