I apologize in advance for the short entry.  Today, I ran for 15 minutes.  I almost stopped after 2 minutes- thinking to myself, “You just can’t do this today, just take it easy.”  However, I knew I was just being lazy.  If I wanted, I could push through and at least put in 10 minutes of running.  Well after I had run for 10 minutes I found I had another 5 minutes worth of running inside.

WEIGHT UP-DATE: 182.8lbs

So let this be a lesson.  It is all too easy to convince yourself that maybe this just isn’t your day for a run. But most often it is just your lazy side trying to find a quicker way to the couch- or at least to avoid running.

  1. carol says:

    Keep up the good work..I have been really slack as far as exercise goes lately. Need to get back into the swing of swimming and taking the dog for a work..I have had lots of projects going on packing, sorting and painting through the house..But I do miss my swimming.

    Thanks for your encouragement with each of your visits to my blog..

  2. 1ofHis says:

    Here’s a good verse to help keep you going…”I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

  3. DM says:

    Been reading your blog to see if I can “catch” some of your motivation for getting in shape. Also read/enjoyed your blog about your long terms goals/ dreams. The Formworks house was interesting. I am a carpenter by day and have not heard of that specfic company before. DM

  4. Check them out more and tell me what you think. As someone with little “do-it-yourself” know how I am curious how a professional views their homes.

    They also have a very detailed 100+ page packet about their homes (design, financing, etc.) but it costs about $24.95. I ordered a copy, but since I have no technical knowledge it is like reading Greek to me.

  5. breederx says:

    I have definately had days like those. I love your blog, because I have a hard time staying motivated where weight is concerned and you always give me that little lift. It’s also nice to know I am not the only one out there! 🙂 Good luck and keep up the good work!

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