Tomorrow I will have a full day of teaching- I need the money, so such is wonderful.  So what will I be doing aside from teaching come this Thursday?  I am thinking….nothing.  I think tomorrow would prove an excellent day for rest.  I might focus on doing a long stretching routine or maybe even just a simple walk with the wife, daughter, and dogs.

When I come back on Friday, I will try a 15 minute run and a full workout.  This workout will be all dumbbell and none of my usual odd and non-traditional exercises.

I am also typing up today (for posting tomorrow) and article on our concept for the farm/ranch.  I not only want to share it with all of you, but I want to get my ideas on to paper- well written down.

  1. Angel says:

    sounds like a good balance!

  2. isaacme says:

    I hope [pray] your preaching goes well.

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