I was tagged several days ago by Lose-weight-with-me regarding what goals I had- regarding both this fitness program and life in general. So without further adieu, here is my list of goals, broken into four categories: short term (those which can be accomplished in less than 6 months), mid-range (those which can be achieved within 1 to 3 years), long term (those that will take 5 or more years to achieve), and underlying (those which should motivate me everyday).

Short Term Goals

1) Lose another 24 lbs (reach 160lbs). This is quite doable in six months. The math says that I only need to lose 1 pound per week.

2) Decrease waist size to 30 inches. This is achievable. When accomplished I will have half a dozen pants that fit me again- finally.

3) Run a 5k. Why not? I figure it will be a good motivation technique. While I dislike running, I love winning things. I want to place first- but we shall see. At this point I would be happy to complete the course.

4) Publication. Publish at least one of the articles I am currently working on.

5) Corporate Paperwork. I want to begin the necessary paperwork to incorporate the corp. my wife and I will use to purchase and run our future farm (more details later).

Mid-Range Goals

1) Publication. At least four articles published. I would love to see at least one each in the North Carolina Historical Review and the Journal of Southern History.

2) Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. I want to stay within a range between 160 and 165 pounds; continue eating healthy and in moderately sized portions; drinking lots of water; and regularly exercising.

3) Save Money. I need to save up for the farm/charity my wife and I are planning. It will take a good amount of investment on our part- and deprivation from now until then- but it will be worth it.

Ideally the farm will act in several charitable capacities. A “kitchen” for the local poor (as we will give food items grown to local families in need [i.e. milk, eggs, fruit, etc.]). A no-kill animal shelter (dog, horse, sheep, etc.) that will also function as a program for at-risk kids- said children will work with the dogs to train them for new homes while hopefully gaining an appreciation for love and grace in their own lives.

4) Completion of my Ph.D. program.

Long Range Goals

1) Obtaining a U.S. History teaching position somewhere in North Carolina- Asheville and Wilmington preferred. University of North Carolina- at Asheville is my number one choice as far as I am concerned.

2) Organize and build the aforementioned farm (and an eco-friendly formworks home) wherever God sends me to teach- I am really hoping God chooses Asheville, NC.

3) Publish my first book. I am thinking something on slave patrols- but with an interesting twist that I will disclose later.

Underlying Goals

1) Witness to three people each week, invest time in them, invite them to three events (dinner, church, etc.), and pray for them three times a day.

2) Shun worldly desires and grow in Christ daily.

3) One hour bible study each day.

  1. I love your optimism and enthusiasm. You look at your goals like, “I can do this!” and that is a great attitude!

    And yes, you CAN do a 5K – it is a fun race and you’ll find a lot of different levels of runners. So much fun!

    – Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  2. I don’t want to only do it, I am aiming for winning it! 🙂 Thanks for the comment. Surprised you are awake with the new little one around to play with. But then again, at that age, they sleep about 20 hours a day. Ah, the life.

  3. Neil says:

    Wow, what a list! Especially the evangelism targets. If we could get most Christians to do that with one person per year we’d be growing a lot faster!

    The farm idea sounds terrific – keep us posted! I prayed for success for you.

  4. Actually, the point about initiating 3 relationships, inviting them to 3 events, and praying for them 3 times a day is part of our churches mission statement. You can’t avoid it, as it is printed on the bulletin every week. They often hand out business cards with the sermon series title on them (directions on the back) so we can hand them out at work, in the neighborhood, etc.

    Also, I didn’t mention in this post (FYI a more detailed post is on the way about the farm) that if God provides, we would like to use the land to build housing that could provide both dorms for kids seeking to escape inner city life (even if only for one week) and also housing for missionaries in between missions (rest and relaxation from the mission field).

  5. tina says:

    I pray that you will reach your goals. I struggle with my weight too and have recently lost 30 pounds. I want to lose about 20 more. I ran in several 5k’s a few years back, this was a great accomplishment for me, a “turtle.” If I can do it… you know.

  6. boydbettis says:

    “Underlying Goals

    1) Witness to three people each week, invest time in them, invite them to three events (dinner, church, etc.), and pray for them three times a day.

    2) Shun worldly desires and grow in Christ daily.

    3) One hour bible study each day”

    I like that. I need to adopt your underlying goals. I need to be more goal oriented. Keep up the motivation.

    Boyd Bettis

  7. Fantastic goals! I need to start working on some goals myself. After baby is born in July I’m going to need to step up my exercise. My only goal so far is a certain pair of pants I want to be back into soon 🙂 Not a bad start. Good Luck to you!

  8. I think your goals sound great. Keep up the good work.

  9. krislinatin says:

    i didn’t see anything about vegetables on that kist…..

  10. Darn veggie Nazi. I usually eat them on my pita pizzas. But I also enjoy salads with chicken or sloppy joe.

  11. krislinatin says:

    You just called me the veggie nazi!!!!
    I love it!!!!

  12. cturpen says:

    You CAN do a 5K…if you can run 20 minutes (from your post above) then you’re basically there!

    Good luck with these goals. Making them public always seems to help.

  13. 1ofHis says:

    I’m pulling for you.

  14. Alright, John…awesome goals! And I firmly believe that you can and will hit every one of them!


  15. faithwalk says:

    Keep pressing on the the goal of the high calling in Christ Jesus ( plus a lot more it seems) 🙂

    Blessings and strength as you work towards them!

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