The news broke not long ago of a shooting spree on the Virginia Tech campus. the news reports quickly evolved from one dead to twenty-one dead (and twenty-two injured)- many of them young students.

Each one leaves behind a family (some of them may even leave behind young children) who must now deal with this grief. I can imagine little pain deeper than losing a child of only eighteen or so years old. A child whose parents no doubt struggled with their son or daughter’s departure for college in the first place.

May God bring comfort to these families in this, their hour of need. If anyone who reads this blog knows of any charities set up over the next few days to help the families please leave a comment with all relevant information.

I also ask all the devoted prayer warriors who read this blog to take a moment to pray for these young men and women who died, those who were injured, and the families and loved ones left behind.

UPDATE: The new reported death toll is 32+ people.

  1. Aaron DeLay says:

    I’ll see what I can find.

  2. the Brit says:

    Hi John

    From the UK I want to know that we feel and pray for those who died and the grief stricken loved ones they left behind.

    kind regards

    the Brit

  3. Angel says:

    sigh..they still dont know the whys and wherefores…what a tragedy my friend…………

  4. stan says:

    God is good, He is in control.

  5. David Smith says:

    Sin abounds but the peace of Christ is beyond understanding. May all those who are suffering be comforted by the the sure hope of the resurrection on the last day.

  6. Justin V says:

    These are praying times.

  7. Charity says:

    This makes me absolutely sick. I have another blog where I “rant” about things, and this was today’s rant. I just can’t understand what makes people do things like this.

  8. misty mitchell says:

    my heart hurts for all the family and friends of the ppl who were shot…pray that this does not happen to anyone else…this was a sick person to do something like this….love & prayers

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