Well yesterday was rainy and gray day- very rainy and gray.  And thanks to who knows what-I am going to blame those school kids I sometimes teach- I seem to have some kind of stomach bug.  This one isn’t as bad as the one I had before (let’s pray it doesn’t get that bad), but suffice it to say that I can’t wander more than a dozen feet from the bathroom at any time- which kind of ruins my plans for a run today.

If things get a bit better I will try to squeeze in an abs routine at the end of the day, but I don’t see much else happening.  I am going to give this (whatever it is) a chance to clear out of my system.  Here’s to hoping it is only a 24 hour bug.

  1. mommyzabs says:

    hope you are better soon! It has been nasty here as well, but I was thrilled to wake up and see the sunshine today. hoping it lasts.

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