It’s been a long but fruitful and fulfilling week of changes and accomplishments.

First, let me remind you where I started:

Weight= 186.6/ Waist=37 1/2 inches

As of today I am 183.6 pounds [3 pounds down] and my waist measures at 36 1/2 inches [1 inch less].

My weight loss journey over the week flowed rather nicely.

Day 1: 186.6

Day 2: 186.2

Day 3: 185.4

Day 4: 184.9

Day 5: 184.6

Day 6: 183.8

Day 7: 183.6

If week 2 works out this well I will be quite happy with the results.

  1. TT, I am so proud of you and your accomplishments in weightloss. I write this while I consume a “Snicker fun bar”!


  2. Well, I guess one of those every once in a while is okay if you don’t have any excess weight to worry about. I actually had a frosted donut today. It was delicious. Today was my day to have one indulgence.

  3. You call yourself “flabalicious”. Well I am 2Xflabalicious. I shouldnt have that snicker thing period! But that is exactly my struggle! But I ll get better, just dont know if I ever get to my right size back??!!

  4. breederx says:

    Congrats! That’s awesome! I am slowly starting to make a dent in mine too! 🙂 God bless you, and I hope you continue in success with this!

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