“I can do all things through Christ- who strengthens me.”

I set a goal today. My goal? To run 15 minutes straight- no rest, no stopping, no walking. I accomplished that goal. How?

First, I forgot about how I hadn’t run for more than 7 minutes straight in over a year. I put those negative thoughts aside.

Second, like Forest Gump, I just started running and didn’t stop until I got back at my door. Wouldn’t you know it, it took me a few seconds over 15 minutes to complete my run.

Third, I didn’t look down. You know how in movies when a character is crossing a suspension bridge, someone always tells him (or he mutters to himself), “DON’T LOOK DOWN!”? Same applies in running. Once you start running, have a landmark goal in mind and DON’T look at your watch until you reach it. Because much like looking down from a suspension bridge into a gaping chasm can bring fear to even the stoutest heart, looking down at your watch and realizing you’ve only run for 3 minutes (while it felt like 10 minutes) can really leave you disappointed and ready to just quit.

Fourth, you’ve got more run inside you than you realize. Two days ago I ran for seven minutes straight, two days before that I could barely run three minutes without stopping and gasping for air. I certainly didn’t build lungs that are 750% stronger in just five days!? Hardly. I had that fifteen minute run in me from the start, I just was too quick to set easy goals or just give up. But the odd thing about running, it seems like the longer you run (distance and time wise) the easier it gets. So, if you can just hang in there for ten minutes (different times for different folks) something just clicks, and the last five minutes are easier than the first ten. Odd, isn’t it?

With all that aside, here are the raw data from my two workouts today.

In the A.M. I ran for 15 minutes. That run time doesn’t include a five minute warm-up walk, and a five minute cool-down walk at the end. My heart for the run was as follows:

Resting Pulse: 61 BPM

Four minute into warm-up: 107 BPM

During Run (14 minute mark): 178 BPM

Immediately after run: 168 BPM

One Minute after running: 128 BPM

Not bad huh? Yeah I know the BPM is a bit high, but I will worry about target training when I get my stamina higher.

Now for resistance training results. I hit the weights- or in my case the driveway and the buckets of rocks around 3 p.m.

Sprints: 10-12: Works legs primarily, whole body secondary, and good heart rate boost. Also seems to burn calories like crazy.

Sprints: 10: These were tough today (probably because of the run).

Push-ups up the driveway, crab walk back down 1x: got half way up the driveway and half way back down. These are a real arm killer. Maintaining yourself in the push-up position as you move up the driveway is really hard. Make 20 push-ups feel like 100 stationary push-ups.

Bucket Carry: 3x: I felt every time and boy did it hurt (the good kind of hurt). Couldn’t hold my shoulders up by the third time.

Dead lift-Bicep Curl-Shoulder Press: 25 pounds each hand, 10 reps.

Squat jumps into star jumps into squat jumps: 10 of each: I couldn’t do the last 10 jump squats.
Push-up circle: Couldn’t ever do this.

Jump Rope: I went about half way up the drive way jumping side to side and forward.  Roughly three to four minutes of jump rope time all together.

  1. Good story, and good advice. Looking at the watch can make anything last a lot longer, including work. That is why I am not a clockwatcher! Just do it til it hurts!!

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