Day five was a much needed day of rest.  I spent the day subbing for third grade- so you might understand my need for rest and relaxation at the end of the day.

Day six (tomorrow) will be a full day.  The first half of the day will include a 20 minute run, where my goal is to run 15 out of the 20 minutes.  The second half of the day will include a full  body workout.

Tomorrow’s workout will include:

Sprints: 10-12: Works legs primarily, whole body secondary, and good heart rate boost.  Also seems to burn calories like crazy.

Push-ups up the driveway, crab walk back down 1x: Works biceps and triceps primarily, shoulder and chest muscles are secondary actors

Bucket Carry 3x: Works shoulders (when done right), legs, arms, back and core.  Come to think of it I can’t think of a muscle it doesn’t work.  Well maybe your tongue.  But since it might leave you cursing the pain- it might work your tongue as well].

Dead lift-Bicep Curl-Shoulder Press: Hamstrings, lower back, Biceps, and Shoulders.  Triceps and core worked as secondary muscle groupings (especially when standing).

Squat jumps into star jumps into squat jumps: 10 of each: Trust me, these hurt, and by now you will hurt all over.  Works everything.

Push-up circle: As many as possible: Works back, biceps, and triceps.  Also shoulders (somewhere between primary and secondary).

I am going to try for two cycles.  But on the second cycles sprints will be cut down to three.


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