An Interesting View of the Imus Affair

Posted: April 13, 2007 in al sharpton, don imus, duke, duke lacrosse, hate, hate mongers, imus, misc, News, race, racism, sharpton, video

You have to watch this if you want to see a different opinion on the Don Imus affair. [This is must see]

Jason Whitlock, Kansas City Star, on the Don Imus situation.

Amazingly forthright and clear point of view. I am sure this will upset quite a few people. I don’t necessarily endorse of support his opinions- I just think he should be heard.

What do you think?

  1. Brilliant! I think he makes some very valid points.

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  3. WW says:

    I am VERY impressed with Jason Whitlock, just from this short introduction to him..

    I am a big Imus fan who believes Imus went too far this time, and many times in the past.

    I don’t, however, believe he is a racist at heart.

    Back to Jason though…

    A very impressive few minutes of introduction to the guy.

  4. elbesino says:

    Jason Whitlock, as anyone can tell by listening to him, is a rational man. He is expressing his personal views, views which I agree with. The only power J Jackson and Al Sharpton have is what I can call “inflammation of the media” and the only fix is for the media to quit pre-judging events for us. How is it they pre-judge? By ALWAYS going for the controversy — as if that was the journalistic purpose behind “reporting the facts”.

    Thanks TT for making this video available — although it stopped short near the end, for some reason.

    El Besino

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  6. Neil says:

    Jason Whitlock rocks. He is right about Sharpton and Jackson – if the media didn’t use them as “go to” guys they would have no power. What have they accomplished to deserve to be mouthpieces? They aren’t even pro-life, and abortion is the greatest threat to blacks there is (blacks have a 3x higher rate of abortions than whites and it has wiped out a third of their community).

  7. Good video. Whitlock makes some cogent points. But where are the black leaders? It seems like nobody ever challenges Jackson and Sharpton.

  8. I’ve been asking that question for years. The answer? I bet they are out there, but the media doesn’t seem too interested in their point of view. Sharpton and Jackson make better drama and sound bites.

  9. tobeme says:

    Excellent point of view from Mr. Whitlock. This needed to be said. This is not in defense of Imus. Imus made and stupid, racist remark. I believe what he said in public is a reflection of who he is in private. Don Imus is not the problem, he is simply a reflection of many people, both black and white. This reflection is what has everone stirred up, we see in him, what many people see in themselves and we don’t like it.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  10. jk says:

    Sharpton and Jackson are as guilty of creating Cho as any other liberal in the news media or the government. The liberal mentality of “I’m a victim so I can do whatever I want to draw attention to my ’cause’” is what caused this. Black people are allowed to riot because they’re a “poor” and “oppressed” “minority.” Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and Cho (the gander) decided that since he was a “poor” “oppressed” “minority” he could also do whatever the ___ he wanted to get his “message” across, so he killed 32 people. NBC, ABC, CNN, Sharpton and Jackson, Hillary Clinton and all the rest of them practically told him (nay, ordered him) to do it.

  11. jk says:

    Dude! Jason Whitlock rocks! He needs his own TV show!

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