Wonder of Wonders ALSO A Guide to Running for Those who Need to Run but Hate Running

Posted: April 12, 2007 in Biblical Weight Loss, Exercise, fat, fitness, health, life, lifting, Me, my life, News, personal, run, runner, running, weight, weight lifting, Weight loss

Well, I did it, I beat my own goal. I ran for 12 minutes today. Well not 12 minutes straight, but one seven minute session, and one five minute session. Admittedly, I ran at a pace that barely registers as running. But hey, barely running, still counts as running- even if only barely.

As I ran I thought of tips for people who need to run but hate running- those of you who are like me.

1) Bring a watch but don’t look at it too often. I found that using my watch works best when I work it in with landmarks. For example, today I started running at the 5 minute mark (judging by my watch). When I began running I set a goal to run until I reached the end of the street. After I started running I didn’t look at my watch until I reached my goal. By that point I was at the 12 minute mark. I walked back until my watch said 16 minutes, at which point I began to run with the goal of reaching my front step. I didn’t check my watch until I got home, by then it read 21 minutes. At that point I went for a quick cool down walk.

2) Bring a companion. I find canines work better than humans since they don’t talk. I always bring my dog Kane when I run. He fends off stray dogs that try to bother me, and he is always ready and willing to run farther than I ever could. He is a tireless running partner. Plus, controlling your dog will help take your mind of the fact that you are engaging in one of the most miserably boring activities around- running.

3) Thus far the trick seems to be (if you can’t make yourself enjoy running) getting your mind off of running. I don’t recommend day dreaming, as it can lead to a lack of focus, and to a potential face plant. Sometimes I pick a number, like say 300. Then I count backward from that number, repeating each number 5 times. So I might say in my mind (or out loud if no one else is around), “five, five, five, five, five, four, four, four, four, etc.” All the way to zero. This helps my type A personality stay focused and keeps my mind on something else.

4) I know I said don’t daydream. But if you can stay focused enough to avoid tripping over your dog or your own feet, then let your mind wander. I spent most of my run today thinking about what I would write on this blog- so if this isn’t very good blame the lightheadedness.

5) Well, if all else fails, (and you should have tried this first), try to think positive about something. Although I find it hard to enjoy running, I thought positively (and joyously) about being able to tell everyone who reads this blog how far I had been able to run today. I also thought about how my own story might encourage others. It gave me a nice boost that got me through my last 5 minutes of running.

I hope these tips help you. Let me know if you try them and if they work for you.

  1. Winston says:

    Running through huge, foreign cities definitely aids numbers 3 and 4. I’m in Shanghai right now, and I must have just wandered around for upwards of six hours today.

  2. Hey, John — great tips!

    I am one of those who doesn’t like to run. I’ve never enjoyed it, even when I was in the military.

    I’ve been toying with starting a program up now that it’s getting warm again, so these tips come at a great time!


  3. Let me know how it goes Brian.

    I have a link somewhere on here to a site, oh wait, here it is. Check this site out


  4. Well, this is very interesting because I once was also (In my “Body for Life” days) a runner who hated running. I hated it so much in fact, that when my knees went out I said, “Whooppee! I can no longer run!”

    I found however, that I LOVE running trails through the woods (not boring), but now with my neck issues I can’t really do that anymore either.

    North Carolina has some beautiful scenery, (I spent my childhood there) do you think you could find some running trails?


  5. breederx says:

    Congradulations on your accomplishment! I hate running too, so it will take me awhile to mentally build myself up to doing it, lol! Thanks for the tips, great advice as always! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  6. I’ve check on trails, but no decent ones out my way sadly.

  7. faithwalk says:

    Good for you JK! I used to run, and do a little occasionally but like you it is now in small increments when I do though I’d like to work back up to a couple of miles a few times a week.
    We’ll see.
    Keep up the good work!


  8. Congrats on your new measurements. This was a great post. I’m one who doesnt particularly like to run or jog. I’ll run during a game, sport or team activity, but I just cant do continuous paced running.

    I’m gonna try and try to begin a routine tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Nate says:

    I’ve found what works for me (and is GREAT at burning fat quickly) is running sprints and bleachers. It helps build muscle too.

    I like the fact that with both of those activities, you don’t run for long, you just have a set number that you’re trying to achieve (so there’s always a set goal in sight). I usually run 10 40yd sprints and then do at least 10-20 bleachers (the high school track that I use has concrete bleachers, 16 seats high).

    Great tips on here, by the way!

  10. Thanks for the comments Nate!

    I love doing sprints- it is amazing how much they take out of you. How long do you rest in between sprints? I usually let me heart rate fall back to between 130-140 before I start again.

    Sadly, I have no bleachers nearby- country livin’.

  11. Alison says:

    I hate running but I found using this $8 app for iPhones called “zombies run” which gives you different missions and makes it sound like zombies are chasing after you during an apocalypse a lot more fun and entertaining to run to (you listen to it through your headphones). It’s a lot of fun but your neighbors will start to worry why your screaming down the street.

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