Duke Lacrosse- I Can’t Remain Silent

Posted: April 11, 2007 in celebrities, duke, duke lacrosse, faith, false accusations, guilt, News, prejudice, rape, sexuality, Virtues

As the events transpired not too far down the road from where I attended graduate school, I find it hard to remain silent. The headline today, “All Charges Dropped in Duke Case” is an indication that some justice has finally occurred in this horrible display of prosecutorial power abused.

This case has dredged up a lot of emotion since it first hit the news. Many found it hard to ignore. Sadly, it wasn’t because of any good evidence that would indicate that the accuser’s claims were truthful. Instead, the media ate up this story since it was a perfect story- a story of privilege vs. poverty, white vs. black, men vs. woman, powerful vs. powerless, etc.

A real problem has been exposed by this case. It is reported that the Duke players’ families have incurred a debt close to 3 million dollars for their respective sons’ legal defense fund. What of the boys who can’t afford the best lawyers? How many prosecutors like Nifong have steamrolled over innocent young men because they lacked the material resources to defend themselves?

In all their paroxysms over the guilt of these evil, rich, privileged white boys, the media forgot one very important thing. If they had been the opposite, if the accused were poor black kids, could they have received a fair trial? Most likely not. Why?

First, the media wouldn’t have even taken notice. The story wouldn’t have garnered much attention, since it didn’t fit the ideal narrative present in the Duke case. The media took notice because this case fell within a narrative framework that fits well in the weltanschauung of modern liberals. It is revealing that few in leadership positions at Duke and in the media were willing to consider the innocence of these young men when the accusation first surfaced.

Second, their attorneys would have been overworked and underpaid public defenders- juggling too many cases and without the necessary resources to confront a rogue prosecutor.

Third, the North Carolina system has almost no checks against this kind of prosecutor run amok, and without press coverage there would be little chance of getting anyone in power to act.

Foxnews has come out with an article on the accuser– Crystal Mangum. It indicates that she had a very troubled past. It is worth reading, as the article is highly informative and helped to explain some questions I had about why anyone would present these kind of false accusations.

What Lesson have we Learned?

Lesson One: God’s laws regarding sexual purity, moderation in alcohol, etc. are given for a reason. Had these young men not celebrated by hiring a stripper and consuming alcohol (excessively) this whole drama never would have occurred. While they are not responsible for her false charges, they are responsible for their own actions.

Lesson Two: People who describe themselves as “Victims’ Rights Advocates” have a severe hatred for the truth. They seem to be interested in one thing- proving the guilt of any accused individual. I am sure that even now many VRA’s will be condemning the A.G.’s actions and bemoaning how this case turned out.

For the life of me I can’t believe that there are people out there who believe (and I saw these words in print in reference to this case several months ago), “Women don’t lie about rape.” This kind of thing is really ridiculous, especially if you apply the Feminist perspective to the above statement. If women are mostly powerless, and they seek avenues to gain power, rape accusations present the perfect opportunity to be empowered. The female accuser in a rape case gets near unconditional support, no condemnation or criticism from those interviewing and counseling her, and a near blank check for future support and care. Of course as the case moves on the accuser might be rightly or wrongly maligned by the defense- but does this kind of thing really enter the mind of someone seeking immediate love and acceptance (or revenge)?

Lesson Three: Being restricted by a world view that paints all blacks as helpless victims, whites as privileged oppressors, and sets guilt or innocence based on the former categories is severely limited and biased. Our judgments in these matters can’t be based on broad categories that find support only in our own prejudices, but in facts and a reasoned approach to those facts. Whether it be local newspaper editorial section or the Group of 88, most were quick to convict these men before they were even charged, and punish them before they had even the slightest inkling of the facts. Worse yet, many have remained steadfast in their wrongful claim about these young men to this day.

I hope now these young men can begin putting their lives back together. I am glad they are lucky enough to have that chance. I pray for those who lack the same resources and who now sit inside a jail cell, righteously suffering a wrongful conviction. I also pray for the accuser, that her wounds (those wounds that led to this horrid accusation) might be healed, that she might be restored.

May God turn this to good for everyone involved, even Mike Nifong (after he receives his just punishment from his peers- the North Carolina Bar).

  1. WhoreChurch says:

    Total Tranny,

    No alcohol or strippers? Wow, pretty extreme views there. Can we at least go to Hooters? They have two of my favorite things…

    (…beer and wings. Get your mind out of the gutter!)

    Here’s a real comment Tranny: Do you believe Miek Dipthong could have gotten re-elected if he HADN’T done what he did BEFORE the election? I think we all know why he took the initial steps he did. Maybe prosecutors should be appointed, not elected?

    The problem is majority opinion is so easily swayed (on both sides) and with so much media out there creating stories from opinion polls, guys are pressured into positions based on personal consequence.

  2. I think Nifong most likely would have lost had he not taken the same actions prior to the election. By the time the election was over he was in over his head, and most likely decided, that if he stuck it out the boys might cop a plea- thereby covering his own behind.

    I would think eating at hooters is immoral- but at least it has the benefit of occurring in a public place where a waitress couldn’t easily accuse you falsely of raping or groping her.

  3. WhoreChurch says:

    Immoral, huh? What about co-ed swimming? Is that immoral as well? What with all the boobies and bulges around?

    How ’bout television? Is it immoral of you to watch the tellie knowing that sooner or later either on a commercial or a show a scantily clad woman will appear?

    What about you showing your own mostly unclad body on your blog? Immoral?

    How is one more immoral than the other? Especially because I have seen guys who could easily out Hooter a Hooter’s waitress.

  4. When you can honestly tell me you got to Hooters for the wings and not to ogle breasts, then maybe your point would be well taken.

  5. And to answer your questions in the order you presented them…

    Do you go to stare at the scantily clad swimmers, or find yourself lusting after them? If so, yes.

    Once again, you know yourself, and the Lord knows your heart. If they are a provocation to sin I would think the whole “pluck your eye out lest it cause you to sin” thing would apply.

    I personally change channels when confronted with inappropriate things. Lately though, I feel convicted that I shouldn’t be watching some of these programs in the first place. I answer to God for what He convicts me of, we all do.

    And in regards to my body, if you (or anyone else) at this point find it causes you to have lustful feelings, then you have bigger problems then can be addressed here- seek professional help.

    Male breasts are in almost no case (except for possibly crazy fetishists) considered sexy or a turn on. I, of course, don’t want to make any assumptions about your sexual predilections.

  6. WhoreChurch says:

    I know this will be hard for you to believe, but I don’t have a problem with looking at other women. I don’t mean I do it but it’s not a problem, I mean I have no lurid desire for women other than my redhead.

    Which is why strip clubs are pretty much lost on me.

    My redhead and I became regulars at a Hooters an hour from where we lived. We went there one night because she loves hot wings and hadn’t ever had any at Hooters. For some reason we had a special connection with our waitress who was a psychology student at the local university.

    Over the next two years we went there pretty much every week. Over that time we all became very close. We visited her apartment, met her boyfriends, went to her graduation.

    One of the greatest moments of my life was last October. I was going through a pretty rough time and she had met me to help me pick out a new suit. (Long story there.) As she we were going to our cars she told me something I will never forget:

    “Kevin, you’ve changed my life.”

    After I drove away I cried like a baby.

    If you want to do the things Jesus did you have to go the places Jesus would go. If you can’t handle going into a Hooters, don’t go. But if you can you will find real people who need you. Over time when you get to know them you can love them. Loving them will change both your lives.

  7. Well that doesn’t conflict with anything I said. I said that we each know what we can handle, and what sets off our sinful nature. What God make you capable of doing, do. What you aren’t strong enough to do, pray for strength. But always be cautious, lest you be led into the same temptation.

  8. WhoreChurch says:

    But that isn’t what you said, Tranny. I know you are ingrained in the church, but to say “going to Hooters is immoral” is wrong of you. Not wrong in the sense of “you misspoke” but in the sense of “when I make this unequivocal declaration I am condemning without thought my brothers and sisters who see things differently.”

    You somewhat clarified your point but only after I called you on it. Most times people aren’t going to call you on it–especially at church.

    If you want to say something is unequivocally immoral, you better remember that Jesus was accused of the same things. “He hangs out with tax collectors and sinners.”

    I thank God He did.

  9. Don’t forget that Christ’s presence in this world convicted men that their actions were evil. Did your presence at Hooters convict her that her lifestyle was inappropriate? Or were you merely a worldly friend who made her feel nice about herself?

    I don’t ask these questions to be rude, I am simply probing deeper on this issue- since you seem to want to make a point. Your point is right in some respects, but it also seems to move into an area of excusing licentiousness.

    Don’t forgot that when Christ saved the young woman’s life he told her “go and sin no more.” Obviously he didn’t think she was capable of a sinless life (none of us is), but yet his words at least mean that we should avoid immoral activities (and for most men going to Hooters is an immoral activity as it constitutes an opportunity to lust after a woman’s body).

  10. BTW I will need to continue this discussion tomorrow as my wife desires some of my time. God bless and keep you WC.

  11. WhoreChurch says:

    Tranny I’m trying to be nice to you. I really am. I chalk up your dullness not to willing ignorance, but to the blindness that comes from the self-righteous, you’re responsible for convicting everyone you come in contact with, external morality teaching of the church.

    You’re right, I was trying to make a point.

    Here it is, spelled out so you can’t miss it:


    I just clearly pointed out the problem with your comment. Your response was to ask me if I made her feel convicted for her “obviously” sinful lifestyle. I purposely left her relationship with God out of the equation with you because this wasn’t a discussion about her. It was a discussion about your willingness to try to convict others.

    Yet you totally miss the point.

    (This post has been santized for your protection)

  12. “but to the blindness that comes from the self-righteous,”

    That would be hard since I consider myself chief among sinners. Paul would fight me for the position, were he alive, but I hear he had vision problems, so I think I could take him.

    Admittedly I shouldn’t have said it was immoral for all people. Then again, I must ask, do you think your life shouldn’t be a reminder to others of a righteous and upright life?

    While I don’t think it is my responsibility to convict everyone I come in contact with of their sin- such is the Holy Spirit’s job- it is my job to live a lifestyle that doesn’t cause a stumbling block to others. When a worldly man sees a bunch of self-proclaimed Christian men in a strip club, while the Spirit is convicting him that his attendance there is sinful, is that not a stumbling block for that man? Are those Christians performing a service or disservice to God?

  13. “Tranny I’m trying to be nice to you”

    Now, no need to get huffy about a disagreement. There is nothing in this conversation that should lead you toward an uncivil or angry response. Whether I am motivated by what you perceive as ignorance or dogma or worse, you certainly won’t win me over if you get rude. The whole more flies with honey thing.

  14. P.S. I don’t want to go all O’Reilly on you WC. Otherwise I might start calling you Heraldo. Now that argument was wild- interesting T.V.

  15. WhoreChurch says:

    Oh Tranny, you just aren’t getting it. Go spend time with your wife and I’ll be happy to pick this up at another time.

    Geraldo is spelled with a “G,” just so you know.

    You don’t consider yourself chief among sinners–unless you mean by that as a sinner yourself you find it your job to make sure others are doing what you think they need to do.

    Here’s the scoop: Everything you have written here is “Yeah I should have…but did you?”

    Ya see, that’s pride. It really is. Stop worrying about me. Stop worrying about what I need to do. Stop telling me (or implying) that if I go to a strip club it’s causing my bothers to sin.

    Try this: Let’s say a guy had a problem. He was frequenting prostitutes. He sees that Jesus hung out with prostitutes. Would you have gone to Jesus and confronted him saying, “hey, you shouldn’t hang out with prostitutes because it will lead others into sin”?

    Cause that’s what the pharisees did. Remarkable the similarities, huh?

    Instead of worrying about their own relationship with God they were busy worrying about everyone elses. Kinda like–or just like–what this thread has gotten to.

    You have spent time telling me I should operate differently, that I should be more convicting of others, that others are led into sin by my example.

    Yet you have managed to completely gloss over the fact you are quick to condemn that which is beyond your comprehension.

    And that part of your lifestyle is much more likely to lead your bretheren into sin than going to a strip club.

  16. In Christ says:

    Thank you for posting a much needed blog. I have a nephew that was railroaded in much the same way. His rights were cast aside. His defense attorney was denied the right to present all evidence that would have proven him innocent of the charges that he is now serving time for. His wife decided it was time for him to go and she found the easiest route to do it. Just accuse someone of child molestation in Georgia and they get an instant pass to jail. The law is good in most cases, but in this one, it was the wife that was molesting my great neice and probably her own children as well (blended family). My nephew did not know of the abuse of his daughter until after the trial. She was very reluctant to talk about it as most children are. Anyway, the DFCS and the court system will not listen to my great neice’s testimony. She has been turned away by all who could do anything about it – because her father was convicted of child molestation – I guess – which is so far from the truth…
    Anyway, thank you for the outlet – it has been so frustrating.
    The above person seems extremely angry and judgemental. I wonder how anybody sees Christ in him at all. I am with you. A clean glove on a hand that is digging in the dirt comes out dirty every time.
    The LORD bless you and give you His wisdom as you deal with these who would try to provoke and bring you down.

  17. Thanks In Christ. For a long time it has been all too easy for some (admittedly or at least hopefully it is a small number) women to gain revenge (or the upper hand) by claiming molestation, rape, or spousal abuse.

    Even I had a girlfriend at one point who told me flat out while we were arguing, “you know I could have called the cops and claimed you did this to me [referring to the marks on her wrists from when I restrained her after she slapped the glasses off my face and kicked me between the legs- she was angry that I wouldn’t take her back] and they would have arrested you.”

    I got lucky. Other men are not so lucky.

  18. In Christ says:

    You were definitely blessed that she didn’t take it further!
    I left out an important thing about my nephew who is now serving time in a state prison. The LORD is using him in mighty ways as a witness in that dark place. He has come to a place of complete surrender to whatever the LORD requires of him.

    The LORD is also using our family to glorify His name as we depend on Him in this trying time. He is Faithful and True and who are we to question His motives for allowing such a thing to happen to us?

    Blessings on your transformation!

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  20. What an appropriate spam comment. Wow.

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