Here are the results of today’s workout. Keep in mind that I am still a bit sore (shoulders, lower back, and neck) from Monday’s workout.

Beginning heart rate= 74 BPM

Sprints: 10 sprints up driveway

One-Legged Push-ups: One leg lifted slightly in the air.  20 reps (alternating legs every 5 reps).

Alternating Leg Lifts (w/ opposite arm raised): 15 reps on each side.

Swiss Ball Push-ups: Both hands on the SwB, otherwise a normal push-up.  12 reps.

Supermans: 3 reps, 15 seconds each

Curl-Press-Tricep Extension: Maintain one fluid motion between all three exercises.  1 set of 8 reps.  Most of these muscles are still sore from two days ago.

Spiderman Crawls: On your fingertips and the balls of your feet crawl (one hand forward at a time) a set distance. Once you reach your set goal, crab walk back to where you started. 40 feet.

Crab Walk: Crab walk back to your starting point. 40 feet.

Planks: 3 rep, 15 seconds each
Plyometric Squat Jumps: 10 reps

Plyometric Star Jumps: 10 reps

This workout clocked in at approx. 29 minutes.  Starting heart rate of 74 BPM ranged from 125-172 BPM during my workout (almost never falling below 130 BPM).  At the end of my workout I hit 162 BPM, and within a minute I was down to 122 BPM.  Another 30 seconds and I hit 103 BPM- a very healthy recovery rate.

  1. Kevin says:

    At your request, the title of my last entry has been changed to reflect a perfect use of alliteration.

    Ironically, all of your content is showing up on the far left of my screen using Firefox. I can read your post, but I can’t see your links.

  2. Isn’t that odd, Firefox does the same thing to me. Try opening it in Explorer and tell me if that works for you. I have to open it in explorer to read it. Might be time for a format change, it might have Firefox conflicts.

  3. And yes, now that is definitely an excellent use of alliteration.

  4. DulceDiana says:

    Wow…this is alot for 29 minutes!

    God bless you man!

  5. I’m pooped out just reading this.

  6. I still can barely walk.

  7. Way to kick some butt, TT!


  8. Yikes…the name should have been Brian

    My bad…

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