Look Toward Day Three

Posted: April 10, 2007 in Biblical Weight Loss, fat, fitness, Food, health, hobbies, life, lifting, Me, misc, my life, run, running, weight, weight lifting, Weight loss

Well tonight’s run was a bust since my daughter decided she didn’t want to sit in her jogging stroller.  As a result I am going to tack my run onto tomorrow’s exercise program.

Also, I’ve decided to set a two year goal of competing on Ninja Warrior- provided it is still on the air.  I am going to start saving all my change in a “Ninja Warrior Trip” jar as added inspiration.

  1. […] by the way Timbob has a great post today as usual, and Total Transformation has tremendous willpower, that I need and dont […]

  2. Angel says:

    I love the feeling of completing a run dont u?..:)

  3. Yeah, sadly though, that is about :01 seconds of a 25-30 minute process. 🙂

  4. vtwopointo says:

    Just discovered ninja warrior last night. Good luck with that, that’s a really tough obstacle course.

  5. Now if I can only figure out how to get on the show.

  6. Fang says:

    Hi J. Thanks for the Easter wishes. I hope you and your family spent some valuable time together. I am back after a short break. I might be doing my own total transformation soon. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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