Day One *UPDATE* My First Workout

Posted: April 9, 2007 in 300, Biblical Weight Loss, challenge, fat, fitness, Food, health, hobbies, life, lifting, Me, misc, my life, personal, spartan, spartan workout, weight, weight lifting, Weight loss

Well the first workout is done, and I can honestly say that I am quite happy with the results.  Here is how things turned out.

Well first, I should admit I only had the strength to cycle through the workout once.  And even at only one cycle it took me a little over 25 minutes to complete.  I also made sure my heart rate never fell below 130bpm, to give this workout a much needed cardiovascular aspect.

Sprints: I started off (after stretching of course) with sprints.  As I mentioned before, my driveway is about 110 feet long (36 yards) and sits at about a 30-35 degree angle.  Starting only 12 feet from the bottom of my driveway I begin in a classic sprinters position and power into a full sprint all the way up my driveway.  I walk back down to the starting line and repeat.  I had a goal of ten sprints, but by seven I had reached my limit.  Sprints really get the heart pumping and ready to go.

One-legged calf raises: Holding one 35-45lb bucket of rocks in one hand (same side as the calf in use), and standing on the front steps (on the ball of one foot) I did twelve reps for each leg. Balance is the hardest part, and I cheated a bit, when necessary, steadying myself with one hand (careful not to use it to ease my load, only to steady myself).

Rock Carry: This was tough (as one would expect carrying 80+lbs of rocks in each hand to be)!  I wanted to do this four times, I only got in three.  The hardest part is doing this with good form.  Good form for the sake of this exercise involves keeping your back straight and keeping your shoulders even (as if they weren’t being pulled down by 80+lbs of rocks).

The first two times I was able to walk down and up the driveway without stopping (some 72 yards).  The third time I had to stop half-way, at the bottom, and take a short breather.  If done right, when you set down the rocks, your shoulders should feel like they are floating away.

Circle Push-ups: Find the instructions for this exercise here.  It was tough and I only got in one full revolution (circle).  Anything more and I kept falling on my face.

Plank: I managed two twenty second repetitions- and both were tough to hold.

Side Plank: Same here as above. Two twenty second repetitions, and both were very hard to hold.  Truth be told I held them closer to fifteen seconds than twenty.
I think the next time I do this workout I will try to at least begin the second cycle and take it as far as I can go.

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  2. code says:

    well i think you’d kill me on that workout. i might get you on the running tho.

  3. I think a one-legged “little person” (you can’t say midget) with only a peg leg- not one of those cool prostetics- suffering from the flu could beat me in running on most days. 🙂 Not saying anything bad about your running skills, just admitting mine are horrible.

    Main problem with running. It seems like everytime I get in shape enough to run 35 minutes without stopping; I come down with the flu or something and after the week and a half of I am right back where I started. Happened to me TWICE last year. Enough to make me swear it off. And I will say in advance, I wasn’t over training.

    Thanks for the comments.

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