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These are some songs that I have enjoyed for a long time (although some are fairly recent), and I wanted to share them with all of you.

Petra, “Beyond Belief.”

Colin Hay (AKA lead singer Men at Work), “Overkill”


Well the first workout is done, and I can honestly say that I am quite happy with the results.  Here is how things turned out.

Well first, I should admit I only had the strength to cycle through the workout once.  And even at only one cycle it took me a little over 25 minutes to complete.  I also made sure my heart rate never fell below 130bpm, to give this workout a much needed cardiovascular aspect.

Sprints: I started off (after stretching of course) with sprints.  As I mentioned before, my driveway is about 110 feet long (36 yards) and sits at about a 30-35 degree angle.  Starting only 12 feet from the bottom of my driveway I begin in a classic sprinters position and power into a full sprint all the way up my driveway.  I walk back down to the starting line and repeat.  I had a goal of ten sprints, but by seven I had reached my limit.  Sprints really get the heart pumping and ready to go.


This show has become one of my favorite forms of entertainment. I am even contemplating a trip to Japan to compete- if I could figure out how to get in on the fun. Watch, I bet you will enjoy. The competition has four levels, here I have posted one clip from each level

Stage 1


Here is where I am starting from:

Weight: 186.6- I know I had been down to 183, but I love my wife’s homemade cookies. 

Measurements: Waist=37 1/2 inches; Right arm= 15 inches; Left arm= 14 3/4 inches; Right upper leg=23 inches; Left upper leg= 22 3/4 inches.

Pictures: Here are the pictures from last night:

april-8-front.jpg  april-8-side.jpg  april-8-back.jpg

So begins week 1 of the Total Transformation Two-Week Challenge.

After sleeping through the guilt and shame of consuming over a dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies- not to mention a general lax attitude in my food intake over the last few days- my weigh-in tomorrow will not be very pretty.

So the next two weeks will be a project in both returning to the straight and narrow path of discipline and commitments as well as seeing what my won body is capable of. Below you will see my food and exercise commitment for tomorrow.


Breakfast– 5 eggs (2 whole, 3 whites w/ smoked turkey breast), one piece of whole wheat toast, 4 cups water, and one serving Creatine.

Snack– Protein bar (20g protein), one serving Creatine.

Lunch– Peanut butter and jelly on 100% whole wheat, one medium pear, and one serving Creatine.

Snack– Protein drink (12g protein), one serving Creatine.

Dinner– Smoked turkey and ham sandwich (w/ lettuce and tomato) on 100% whole wheat bread, blue chips, salsa, cucumber. Two cups of water.

Snack– Jello and 2 cups of water.

*Each serving of Creatine is also a full serving of water.


Sprints: I have a 110 foot drive (so about 36 yards), so I start a few feet before the bottom, and sprint 40 yards up the driveway. Repeat five times, walking back down to the starting point. [I should mention my driveway is at a 30-35 degree angle].

One-legged calf raise: holding weight- in my case a bucket full of rocks.

Rock Carry: Carrying to buckets with 45lbs of rocks each up and down the drive-way 4 times.

Circle Push-ups: Assume a regular push-up position with your left foot raised slightly in the air. From this position, keep your right foot set as a pivot and move your right hand to the right; do a wide grip push-up; move your left hand to the right; do a close grip (diamond) push-up; repeat until you do a full revolution. Now lift the other leg and rotate in the opposite direction.

Plank: Assume a push-up position, and contract your abs as if you were trying to touch your backbone with your belly button. Hold for 15-20 seconds.

Side Plank: From a plank move right into a side plank. Lay on your side supporting your weight on one arm (bent like an L) and one foot. Bridge up to form a straight line with your body. Hold for 15-20 seconds.

[Move from plank, to right side plank, to plank, to left side plank for two complete cycles]

Now cycle through this workout one more time (do as much as you can without unusual pain).