The Results of my Labors

Posted: April 6, 2007 in flowers, garden, gardening, hobbies, life, Me, misc, my life, News, personal, Pictures, roses, tags, work

Well here is what my yard looked like last year (shortly after we bought this house):

Front yard in 2006.

So, given our yards peculiar condition- very shady and lots of trees that like to suck up all the water (leaving little for any grass to grow)-we decided on a strategy of constructing numerous mini to mid-sized gardens.

On the small end of the spectrum is this garden:

Mini Garden

On the other end of the spectrum is the medium sized pine straw garden with a river stone walkway (a work in progress):

Medium garden  Medium garden other POV

Much work remains, but this is a good start.  What do you guys (and gals) think?

  1. everydaymiracle says:

    Lovely! You are doing a great job! I have some big plans for this year myself. I had a lot of stuff beginning to bloom and we have been hit by a tremendous COLD spell the last couple of days. I’m a bit concerned about it…

    As far as exercise, all of that rock is a great work out. I am thinking about having close to a ton of flagstone delivered soon. Maybe I will e-mail photos.


  2. WhoreChurch says:

    Good job. Makes my yard look pathetic, and right now I have three massive pine trees in the back field that need to be cut up and made into firewood.

    Can I suggest wood splitting as an addition to your fitness plan? Just drive here and I’ll provide everything you need.

  3. What a beautiful yard! I love yard work in that once it’s finished (or at least once you stop for the day) you can look at it and see exactly what all your hard work has accomplished. It’s very rewarding to me to look at before and after shots to see how a house can be transformed into a home by planting a garden or making the lawn look nice. 🙂 Great job on yours!

    Everydaymiracle, I know what you mean about that cold weather! I had to go out last night and cover a bunch of my plants up with pots because of freezing temperatures. It’s been in the 70’s and even 80’s around here for several weeks now and today it’s freezing and snowing! UGH!

  4. WOw this is a total change in your yard!
    it looks very very nice 🙂

    Keep upi the good Job!!! 🙂

  5. I am not the only thing transforming 🙂

  6. satisfiedhousewife says:

    Nice pics! I wish I had the time, money and energy to garden! Maybe someday…:-)

  7. isaacme says:

    Very nice, but if you lived in the God blessed Pacific Northwestinstead of the cursed elsewere, you wouldn’t have to worry about enough water. Just kidding. It looks good man.

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