The Most Important Question?

Posted: April 6, 2007 in bible, Bible Study, Biblical Topics, Christ, Christianity, faith, Jesus, life, Me, misc, my life, personal, question, Religion, Spiritual Struggle, Virtues

Ask a Christian I often find myself asking questions that either lead to or are derived from my prayers.  So as I prayed for wisdom not too long ago to confront a certain issue in my life, I found one question deeply resonating in my mind.  As I thought about the question- and the implications of its application to my life- I soon thought that perhaps this question just might be the most important question any believer can ask of themselves (and God).

What is that question?  Well, I will tell you on Monday.  As my in-laws left just yesterday, and I finally have time to unwind and relax.  And no offense, but I don’t intend on spending that time blogging (at least not the in depth serious stuff).

Sorry to leave you hanging, but maybe the suspense will heighten the experience come Monday.

  1. Justin V says:

    Monday.. awww… waits 10 sec…is it Monday yet??

  2. WhoreChurch says:

    Possible Contenders:

    1. Did Adam have a belly button?
    2. Does God care how much I weigh?
    3. Why did God make black men so well endowed?
    4. Can the Holy Spirit use my Magic 8-ball?
    5. Can I worship on the golf course?
    6. Does God root for the Yankees or the BoSox?
    7. Why did Tom Hanks have such crazy hair in the Da Vinci Code?
    8. Is it really sin if its Brittany Spears?
    9. Is Dick Cheney the Anti-Christ?
    10. Does this “666” tattoo look sexy?

  3. “Does God root for the Yankees or the BoSox?”

    Do you even have to ask? Now that’s the real sin.

  4. WhoreChurch says:

    You know Tranny, you’re going feel “Al Capone’s Vault” silly if your question isn’t all that profound with all this build up. And you know me…I won’t be able to help pointing and laughing.

  5. It probably will be…but oh well. Only time will tell. But I know one thing for sure, I will get at least one hit from you come Monday.

    BTW, for some reason my 2 year old daughter thinks it is really funny to say, “I see boobies!” (she is saying it right now). I don’t know where she heard it (it wasn’t me), but she thinks it is hilarious. And it takes all my will power not to laugh, because that phrase coming from her mouth is just so incredibly ridiculous.

    We didn’t know she knew the phrase until her babysitter took her clothes shopping. As her babysitter got changed in the dressing room, my daughter began screaming “I SEE BOOBIES!” at the top of her lungs over and over. How am I supposed to correct that when it makes me laugh?

  6. WhoreChurch says:

    I say the same thing when I see boobies. Sorry I taught that to your little one, but like you said, it’s hilarous.

    I taught my own sons to say “look at my wee wee” while dropping their pants. It was cute until they hit 13. Still, no regrets.

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