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Well here is what my yard looked like last year (shortly after we bought this house):

Front yard in 2006.

So, given our yards peculiar condition- very shady and lots of trees that like to suck up all the water (leaving little for any grass to grow)-we decided on a strategy of constructing numerous mini to mid-sized gardens.

On the small end of the spectrum is this garden:

Mini Garden

On the other end of the spectrum is the medium sized pine straw garden with a river stone walkway (a work in progress):

Medium garden  Medium garden other POV

Much work remains, but this is a good start.  What do you guys (and gals) think?

Ask a Christian I often find myself asking questions that either lead to or are derived from my prayers.  So as I prayed for wisdom not too long ago to confront a certain issue in my life, I found one question deeply resonating in my mind.  As I thought about the question- and the implications of its application to my life- I soon thought that perhaps this question just might be the most important question any believer can ask of themselves (and God).

What is that question?  Well, I will tell you on Monday.  As my in-laws left just yesterday, and I finally have time to unwind and relax.  And no offense, but I don’t intend on spending that time blogging (at least not the in depth serious stuff).

Sorry to leave you hanging, but maybe the suspense will heighten the experience come Monday.