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Posted: April 4, 2007 in Biblical Weight Loss, faith, fat, fitness, Food, health, illness, life, Me, misc, my life, News, personal, Pictures, Religion, weight, Weight loss

These are all pictures from today (April 4, 2007).


Cropped close up of my front photo Cropped clos eup of my side photo cropped back close up photo

full body photo

Compare to these.

  1. WhoreChurch says:

    Tranny, couldn’t you wear a little bit skimpier shorts, you man hunk?

  2. C’mon, we want to see the thongs! 🙂

    (Kidding, kidding.)

    You look healthy. Not emaciated, not starving, but healthy. Congrats and keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. krislinatin says:

    Yeah, looking good.
    And hopefully feeling better, also.
    did you ever get your starting cholesterol checked?
    Just wait, the best results come at after 6-8 weeks.
    Keep it up, faithful one!

  4. WhoreChurch says:

    C’mon Tranny, I’ll send you some silk Spongebob boxers if you’ll model them for me. Don’t ask me why, but Spongebob just gets my motor running.

  5. I am going to throw that comment into the circular filed reserved for “too much information” comments.

  6. WhoreChurch says:

    You know you love me Tranny.

  7. Depends. Are we speaking of agape or phileo love. So help me if you use the joke I am expecting.

  8. WhoreChurch says:

    So, Tranny, do you speak Greek?

    (I know that wasn’t the joke you were expecting, but it is so much funnier. Because you have had a sheltered existence I would recommend you ask Wiggy or someone else slightly more wordly about speaking Greek.)

  9. As my kids would say “Wowwoeee, wow, Wow!”

    I am so proud of you!!



  10. I admire your discipline. Keep it up!

  11. Total awesome dude!!! 🙂 One of these days I hope to get some photos up too (not topless though – sorry to disappoint all you fans LOL) Lady Rose

  12. Great job. Keep it up, or DOWN!

  13. atatude says:

    Your man boobs are almost gone, what a shame. As for me of little faith, I will put out before and after topless pics of myself in Spongebob shorts only after I have the after pics.

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